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This page A16 article in the New York Times on Ohio brings nothing but bad news for the GOP (the NYTimes/CBS Poll finds Ohioans "overwhelmingly favoring Democrats"). If the elections were held today, the GOP would lose. The only note contrary to this opinion is this paragraph that may indicate that the GOP voters are not yet fully engaged.

"One bright spot for the president and Republicans was that while about 60 percent said they had made up their minds about this year’s elections, 4 in 10 said it was too early to say how they would vote." If three out of those four would end up voting Republican, we would end having an interesting election.

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What really worries me about the Ohio election is that when I drive around I see so few yard signs for Republican candidates. I see yard signs for Democrats, and even a few for Bill Pierce, the Libertarian candidate for gov. Usually, someone from the party has called up and offered to drop a heap of signs off by now. Our Blackwell sign from the primary was taken months ago and apparently, there are none to be had. Are there signs up in Ashland?

Perhaps the Republican Party in the Northeast Ohio area decided that such signs are no longer cost-effective. I disagree. People out here still pay attention to their neighbors and what their neighbors think. A yard sign is like a public vote for a candidate. All I see in my county are signs promoting very local Rep. candidates for offices like County Coroner, and I see mighty few of those. I see yards full of signs for Dems., which looks like enthusiastic support.

People complain about a lack of jobs and yet will raise the minimum wage on this ballot, making job creation more unlikely. Sherrod Brown is running against Mike DeWine as a Progressive candidate, for goodness’ sake! We have two anti-smoking issues on the ballot, one that is constitutional, and, (Is it that one? I am so confused.) is backed by restaurateurs and bar owners. IF polls are correct, we are going to be dealing with the negative effect of this election for much longer than I like to think about.

Oh, I just so hope that people are not paying attention yet. Of course, when they do start paying attention, they will notice that the only yard signs up are for Democrats. Maybe, oh maybe, they will all decide to go to the polls then, because they recognize that a Democratic rout is not in their best interests. And maybe, oh, maybe, the Democrats will think the election is already over and stay home. Maybe telephone polls are not valid predictors anymore. There is always hope.

Losing the House and Senate is the second-worst thing that can happen on Election Day, but at least it would have the benefit of forcing Dems to put forward and defend some kind of agenda. Continuing to hold Congress, but by only bare margins, would be the absolute worst possible outcome.

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