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Impeachment on the table?

The Nation is beating the bushes (so to speak) for impeachment referenda around the country.

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Scary. If the Democratics take control of the House and start this, nothing will be acccomplished for the next two years.

Not a doubt in my mind that this won’t happen. Subpoenas will fly a month after Pelosi becomes SOH.

Yes I know - a frivolous impeachment proceeding would paralyze government at all levels and distract from the nation’s serious business. We cannot allow it, except for the most serious of crimes.

Hope I’m not coming off as snarky or anything.

Perjury not being a serious crime?

I’m getting to the point where I hope the Republicans do lose. Then when the Democrats not only fail to produce any results, but actually manage to makes the general state of affairs worse, the realignment begun in 1994 can finally be completed in 2008.

You’ll see that once the Dems take over the house, they will be forced to think mainstream...rumblings now about impeachment are pretty hollow. If Pelosi has any sense (and I think she does), you won’t see anything susbtantial flying around, except for a few investigations ending in the normal arbitrary slaps on the wrists.

Perjury resulting from a 6-month, $6.2 million dollar investigation that boiled down to a form of "when did you stop beating your wife?" Yes, that’s not a serious crime. And that doesn’t include the Whitewater portion of the investigation.

Maybe Andrew can tell his story about how Clinton was "convicted" again...

If George Bush started eating babies in public and tore down the Lincoln Memorial tomorrow the base would continue to cheer him on.

There really hasn’t been any oversight for the past 6 years. I tend to feel that this isn’t good for government.

I mean, it’s not how the democracy was supposed to work. So it wouldn’t suprise me if a lot of things are shaken out of the bushes if the Democrats take the house. If the take the Senate too, then they can clear an impeachment. I don’t think there will be all that much trouble finding cause.

But they’d have to impeach Cheney and Bush, at the same time. Tricky.

So I don’t think it’s in the cards. Just a lot of indictments.

Craig Scanlon:

I am uncertain if your reference to "conviction" means the Senate did not convict him or that Clinton was not convicted of perjury.

If you are referring to the perjury charge then Clinton was only NOT convicted because he plead guilty to perjury (maybe some other lesser charges as well). He admitted wrongdoing in his deposition given for the Jones case before the Federal District Court in Arkansas (I believe) and was disbarred. Disbarment is the ultimate penalty for a lawyer. It finds that the person lacks the character to practice law. He could no longer practice in the State, in any federal circuits, and the US Supreme Court withdrew its permission for him to argue cases in front of it (I am assuming it extended him this courtesy when he was Attorney General of Arkansas). I think you would be hard pressed to say these were not serious results (disbarment) from his crime.

Steve, don’t waste your time disputing trollboy...he’ll just lie low and snipe at another date.

As for impeachment, I seriously doubt they’ll do such a thing. Cooler heads will prevail...they saw what happened when the GOP tried to oust Clinton. But of course, if they do...GREAT! Nothing better could befall the GOP.

"Scary. If the Democratics take control of the House and start this, nothing will be acccomplished for the next two years."

For a small government conservative type, this sounds like a dream come true. I am absolutely fine with Congress getting nothing done for the next two years. Heck, how about 200 years. Getting nothing done means that they will stop spending our money like drunk sailors.

Will Hinton, Thank you for the cheeriest take on the possible loss of the election, yet. Of course, this leaves us with the current big government, and no shrinkage there. Yet, as decreasing government has not happened in the last six years, as I thought we were promised, then, yes, holding the line, by whatever means, would be the next best.

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