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Jimmy Carter Action Figure??

Isn’t this false advertising? Shouldn’t it be called the "Jimmy Carter In

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No, it’s an action figure.

If you wind him up a little, he’ll hammer nails. If you wind him up a little more, he’ll write speeches for Arafat. And if you wind him up all the way, he’ll come to your dictatorship and give you money, fuel, food, nuclear reactors while you make bombs. And he’ll come by on Saturday nights in French Maid’s uniform to fluff the pillows and refill the champagne glasses.

This, by the way, is exactly why we can’t have two-party talks. The last time, America got totally rolled. Kim Jung Freud wants that kind of treatment again so badly, he’s willing to blow up a nuke. It’s a cry for help--and they don’t come much more helpful than Jimmeh.

Our only concern should be whether or not this nutjob sells nukes/chemicals to terrorists. Otherwise, we should just let him become soooo obnoxious that the Chinese take him out. We have no compelling interests in that need to get upset about this spoiled brat.

That’s our first interest, but it’s far from the only one. Yes, we hope China will sit on him, but what if they decide an atomic blast somewhere else is not their problem? After all, Russia has calculated that the nukes it is helping Iran build will never reach the hands of Chechens--but Russia never was too fastidious about getting millions of their own people killed.

We have many compelling interests; the human toll if this nut decides to do Korean War pt. 2, keeping our treaty obligations or having our name turned into mud, a re-armed & nuclear Japan and a regional arms race, a full-fledged economic war with China that could cause great damage to our economy and might cause the regime to fall, the implications for Iran’s nuke program--and then Egypt’s, then Saudi Arabia’s, etc.

Not all of these outcomes are necessarily bad--but we do have compelling interests by the basketful.

The full-scale economic war with China would be beneficial. All that US investment in that country has made for dirt-cheap consumer goods, but we are now down to 10% of the labor force in manufacturing. We have millions of people who could benefit from entry-level manufacturing jobs...most of those jobs in China should be right here (yes, even at the expense of tariffs and higher consumer prices). I’ve read that we even have to ’outsource’ some military components at this point...worth thinking about.

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