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John Kerry demonstrates in this video the typical liberal contempt for the military, and why he will never be president.

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I would have to believe, given the confidence Democrats and the media are demonstrating at present, that Kerry would have a pretty good shot at winning the White House were he running this year.

To state that contempt for the military, and even to the point of disrespecting (as Kerry does in that video) those serving, disqualifies one for the job of Commander in Chief is to casually forget eight years of Clintonism. I recall James Webb as being very offended by Clinton’s irreverent salute each time he approached a soldier in uniform. That’s not true anymore. Webb has not only forgotten all that, he’s joined the party of Clinton and Kerry, in this time of war. Furthermore, Webb has the full support of at least one NLT staffer I know of. Add to that the abject loathing this country currently has for Bush, who respects and loves the military, and this notion of "contempt" begins to add up.

What all this strongly suggests to me that contempt for the military may very well prove a qualification for Commander in Chief soon, if not already.

Poor Phil Angelides . . . with friends like that . . . Seriously, even liberals (of the non-crazed variety) out here are offended by that remark. Kerry’s pathetic excuse that the "quip" was directed not at the military but at Bush is more damning than the comment itself. First, it shows an utter tone-deafness to the sensibilities of the American people. The ever sensitive liberal in him did not get that saying something like that would be offensive?! Please. He knew it would offend and it was meant to offend. He was cozying up to a bunch of elitist liberals like himself when he said it. Second, it shows a profound (though not newsbreaking) lack of humor in the man. That was supposed to be a joke? This guy was almost president?! You must be joking.

It is sad that people feel the need to ridicule and harrass the government during such dire times. The world is in turmoil, whether or not we want to admit that. America is the strongest (and most Just) county in the world today, and as such we are in a position to attempt to help those in turmoil. However, when we try to do that, we get ridiculed and bashed (or at least our government does).

Support for the government should be high in times like these, if for no other reason than to keep the morale of the military up to par. These men are fighting for us, and in some cases dying for us. Every single one of us. People seem to forget that. It is our job, and obligation, to not say things like this. Once we start to say things such as what Kerry said, the military will find it ever more difficult to do their job. Think of it. People in normal 9-5 jobs find it hard enough to concentrate when they are having a bad week. Think how difficult it would be for a member of the military to do his job, knowing that such a large amount of the people (whom he happens to be fighting for!) back home do not support him.

I seem to recall a lot of talk about John Kerry bashing the military personnel in the days of Vietnam. The man is clearly a confused pacifist, to put it lightly. Of course, it is not simply his pacifism which makes him not worth listening to. It is also his incredible ability to never have anything reasonable to say. When he does say something, all he accomplishes in his diction is bashing the government or the military or some other intregral actor on the world’s stage (I.E., the world is in turmoil, and since our military is the strongest, we should be the ones to attempt to resolve the chaos).

To Senator Kerry,
Please get ahold of yourself and come up with something original and not negative to say. Astound us all by praising the American Principles and the Founding, rather than throwing mud at everything associated with President Bush. Kerry, I am calling for you to grow up and learn that there is more to politics than simply insulting your oppenents.

We are all Americans. We are liberal and conservative. We are at war with an unseen enemy. Throw aside the mud-slinging, partisan crap. In its place, pick up patriotism and pride. Stand united against this enemy. And then when the threat is over, then we can get back to the partisanship. But not until then.

My apologies:

The first paragraph should read, "America is the strongest (and most Just) country in the world today."

3: Young Ashbrook, your point about the impact on our soldiers of such comments is excellent. But then, you give some people far too much credit. John Kerry and many of his followers are not easily described as good Americans. I know you just said "Americans," but the implication is "good Americans." They aren’t.
You also ask Kerry to grow up. But immaturity isn’t the problem here. The problem is a hardened leftist ideology that Kerry "grew" into and will not leave behind. Asking Kerry to praise "American principles" and the Founding is also beside the point. If he were to praise them, it would be out of a profound misunderstanding, or else cynicism. The point is to drown out the John Kerrys of the world by preaching American principles, the Founding, etc., as fearlessly and effectively as we can. To appeal to Kerry as a fellow citizen with a higher self is a waste of breath. The clock is ticking much louder than that.

I’m sure Kerry just misspoke, as he mispoke when he said this:

And there is no reason… that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the — of — the historical customs, religious customs.

I’m sure he meant

And there is no reason… that George W. Bush needs to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the — of — the historical customs, religious customs. was a criticism of President Bush...yeah...that’s the ticket.

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