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Greybeards around Washington will tell you that one of the key turning points in the plunge toward extreme partisan bitterness in the House of Representatives came over the "Fighting Eighth" (I think that is the right district) in Indiana in the 1984 or 1986 election (I forget which exactly). If memory serves, the Democratic candidate won on election day by something like 20 votes. Then, after a recount found the Republican had won by an equally slim margin and was certified as the winner by the Indiana Secretary of State, House Democrats in Washington voted to refuse to seat the Republican, and seated the Democrat instead. House Republicans, especially Newt Gingrich, cried foul, and ratcheted up their guerrilla tactics in the House. (I probably have a number of details a bit off--I am going from memory.)

Before the 2004 election there were lots of stories in the media about whether there might be repeat of Florida 2000, and there were lots of preparations by both sides to litigate the matter, especially in Ohio. But so far there has been little or no talk about the prospects for this kind of disaster in this election. With control of the House and Senate possibly to be decided by just a seat or two, and with several House and Senate elections looking to be razor-close, there is a non-trivial probability that we could have several Florida-style post-election recount contests to decide control of the House or Senate or both.

This would not be a good thing.

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Read the leftie blogs - their presumption is "if we win, it was fair, if we lose, it was stolen." They are ginning up sentiment for dozens of mini-Floridas by energizing their base. Google "Diebold;" the groundwork is already in place. I hope I am wrong, you could make the argument that these guys convinced dozens of election results are fraudulent represent only themselves or fringe groups. I hope each state certification of results is accepted by both sides, no matter the results. I would love to be wrong about this, but I expect polls left open illegally half the night in urban areas by order of Federal Judges, inane arguments over registration and lines, and near hysteria November 8th if the Republicans hold either the House or the Senate.

Considering the amount of voter fraud that occurred in Washington state (especially as related to the governor’s race) in the last election - fraud, which to my knowledge hasn’t resulted in even one prosecution, I suspect the Dimocrat party will be emboldened to perpetrate even more next month. Why shouldn’t they?

After all, they were able to gain the governorship after only 3 re-counts. Re-counts where more ballots for the Dimocrat candidate mysteriously surfaced. As this candidate was also the former attorney general of the state, the lack of ethics at the highest levels are appalling.

Absolutely. I hope the Republican party has a team of lawyers ready to deploy, and to fight tooth-and-nail, as it had in 2004.

We are up against a profoundly arrogant and dishonorable opponent in today’s Democratic party. It will do and say anything.

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