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Studies Show That Modernity Killed the Nap: The Emerging Science of Chronobiology

The evidence is that naps are good for us. And they have deeper meaning as a remnant of ancient "polyphasic sleep." Our most ancestral ancestors had more periods of sleep each day than meals. But modernity and industrialization have rendered sleep monophasic for most of us. Nobody is going to pay you for sleeping. I would become more of a crunchy con if this sleep deprival issue were taken more seriously than how dinner was raised.

CHRONOBIOLOGY UPDATE: Sleep deficits make you fat and lead to diabetes and hypertension. Parents: Make your kids turn off those TVs and computers, and let them sleep longer on weekends. And of course do the same yourselves. But if we all could take polyphasic naps, we could all stay up without worrying about the health consequences.

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Dittoes there, Peter. Naps might even be better than chocolate.

ZZZZzzzzZZZZ...Wha’? Huh?....Sorry, must have dozed off.

Peter wrote: "I would become more of a crunchy con if this sleep deprival issue were taken more seriously than how dinner was raised."

I’m all over this, Peter. Contacting Rod Dreher NOW! But first......sleep!

I guess I shouldn’t have gotten up so early...kept thinking about Churchill during the war, seemingly getting three hours a day, plus cat-naps. And then my colleague claims that Plato says somewhere in the Laws that one should only sleep for four hours a day. Of course, the Laws is such a big and weird book that you can find him saying just about everything "somewhere in there"...

My favorite Mutts cartoon: lazy cat curls down for a nap, says "Good time for a nap," and then thoughtfully adds, a frame or two later, "not that there’s a bad time."

Whenever I find the state of our polyarchy getting me down...I take a polyphasic nap, and dream of polymorphous eros.

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