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The Irresponsible WASHINGTON TIMES?

Mark Levin explains both that scandals don’t just happen and that THE WASINGTON TIMES acted irresponsibly in calling for the Speaker’s resignation. It’s certainly true that the "other TIMES" is reveling in "strange, new respect" from the MSM this morning. For myself, I’m reserving judgment on who knew what and when and who’s responsible and all that until I have a firmer command of the relevant facts. But the danger, as Joe said, is that ordinarily Republican voters will be creeped out by a party that allegedly condoned perversion to remain in power.

And here’s an article from THE WASHINGTON POST that conveys some sense of the beating the Republicans are now taking in the media. The combination of Foley and Woodward has produced the impression that the Republicans are generally in denial and unfit to govern. The social conservatives are understandably outraged, and much does depend on how effective the Republicans are in taking responsibility--which includes taking charge--over the next few days. No evasions, no denials of what’s true, and no asking for forgiveness!

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Seems that a lot of anger is brewing in the formerly loyal base. From Pajamas media member:

He nailed it just right.

Joe’s advice given in the thread below is on the money: Take responsibility and don’t ask for foregiveness. What that involves isn’t clear to me right now, but it could conceivably be a lot more than we think right now. Even if it’s all staged by inordinately clever Ds working through the mainstream media, the combination of Foley and Woodward is giving the Rs an unmerciful beating the media right now. I fear that many Americans are embracing the view that The Rs are generally in denial and unfit to govern. Again, although I didn’t call anyone in particular a whiner, whining won’t cut it right now. Rare acts of statesmanship are now required to avert disaster.

The first step to ending this circus is for Speaker Hastert to resign. Had a high school principal been presented with the emails, conservatives would rightly have expected that principal to launch an investigation in order to ensure the safety of the children involved. We should not expect less of the Speaker of the House.

As a former teacher and coach, Hastert knew what to do and chose not to do it. As I argue at my blog, his inaction must lead to his resignation.

The GOP should be straightforward about this, and I think it has been. It should not enable the lunatic overreaction by chest-beating, telling the media how angry a few of their constituents are, and so on. It should also remind voters of the Barney Frank and Gerry Studds scandals, which were arguably worse and in which the Democrats as a whole behaved infinitely worse when they were revealed. Nor should the Republicans shy away from exploiting very legitimate questions about who on the liberal side knew what when, and why the story is breaking now. Republican politicians, commentators, and voters need to get a grip. This pales in comparison with what is at stake in the election. Anyone who expects a squeaky-clean Congress is a child or an idiot, pure and simple.

Another issue to raise: Democrats, or Democratic groups, exploiting the families, who may not have wanted this revealed.

It is probably time to end the institution of pages. They don’t do anything that is worth the risk.

I’m agnostic as to whether or not the pages serve any useful function, but I don’t like the idea that we should eliminate the institution because we can’t trust our elected leaders to be alone with teenagers.

I have to second John Moser’s comment on that one. If we eliminate pages because we’re worried that too many members of Congress might be tempted by them, that is a truly depressing statement about the type of people we’re electing.

I agree, as well. Perhaps we could make the pages wear Burkhas.

Did FOX News act irresponsibly too?

Meanwhile, Florida newspapers — who were leaked copies of the e-mail with the Louisiana boy last year — defended their decision not to run stories. Both The St. Petersburg Times and The Miami Herald were given copies of the e-mail, as were other news organizations, including Fox News.

(above story clip from AP)

Yesterday morning NPR and other news outlets seem to have found new respect for the Washington Times. Usually they treat it--if they acknowledge its existence at all--as fit to be handled only with long tongs, whilst wearing a bio-hazard suit.

#6 - Funny, I don’t recall anyone suggesting that the White House end the practice of having interns and volunteers about the place, the personal experiences of Lewinsky, Willey, et al., notwithstanding.

The Rights tendency to blame things on the Democrats (or usually, Bill Clinton) is really starting to backfire on them. It worked as a short-term distracting strategy, but eventually America wonders why they economy hasn’t been fixed after five years, or why we still haven’t caught Osama Bin Laden, or why Roe V. Wade hasn’t been overturned. All three branches of Government! What’s stopping you?

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