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What should Republicans do?

Because the Democrats have tried to "nationalize" the campaign Andy Busch suggests that Republicans "counter-nationalize" it. This may be their only chance. NRO’s Scorecard (mostly based on Zogby) has the GOP losing three Senate seats, by the way. In the meantime Hugh Hewitt (he’s been visiting battleground states) claims this about conservative voter turnout:

"There is simply no data to support the idea of significant if any turnout diminishment. There is grousing. There is posing. There is much struggle to claim Spenglerian cred." No data. Nada.

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Conservative voters, like John Moser, ought to vote for Democrats, like James Webb, this year because it has become obvious that GOP candidates are racist, bigoted, homophobic perverts who like to chase little boys around on capital hill. We’ve always, of course, suspected this, but now we know it’s true beyond a shadow of a doubt. These long-held opinons of Republicans, expressed so eloquently by liberals for years have finally come home to roost. Now is the time to clean this vile mess up on Capital Hill. This year it’s time to VOTE FOR CHANGE! VOTE DEMOCRAT!

Hee hee, hee...

This year it’s time to VOTE FOR CHANGE! VOTE DEMOCRAT!

Then, I might add, it’s time for Republicans to stay away from big cities, out of tall buildings, and off subway trains. I’ll exempt airlines, of course, knowing that at least there we Republicans can fight those bastards like Todd did. Let’s roll, Republicans! :)

I guess "Publius, Jr." has pretty much answered the question I posed here. If Mark Foley were still in the race, he’d be calling on Republicans in Foley’s district to vote for him. Hey, ol’ Mark might be a pervert, but by gum he’s OUR PERVERT!

You proudly proclaim your support of James Webb, Mr. Moser. Yesterday, Mr. Webb was cheering President Clinton, who was in Virgina proudly campaigning for him. Funny, here’s what Webb said about Presidnet Clinton in 1997:

"I cannot conjure up an ounce of respect for Bill Clinton when it comes to the military. Every time I see him salute a Marine, it infuriates me. I don’t think Bill Clinton cares one iota about what happens in a military unit.

In 2000, Webb called the Clinton presidency "the most corrupt administration in modern memory."

I’m sure you agree with James Webb these days, Mr. Moser:Hey, ol’ Bill might military-loathing corrupt president, but by gum he’s OUR MILITARY-LOATHING, CORRUPT GUY!

Um, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, eh, Mr. Moser.

Did Moser make fun of you in highschool or something, Publius? Jeez louis. . .

Actually Moser reminds me of those pre-Reagan Republicans, who would quickly reach down and grab their ankles every time a Democrat charged them with being a narrow-minded racist bigot. Essentially Moser is a wimp, whose slavish desire to overcome these humiliating public spankings reduces him to a sucker for the Democrat’s anti-southern strategy game. Pretentious conservative intellectuals like john Moser are particularly susceptible to quickly changing sides in this little game, lest they fall prey to the appearance of accused of being narrow-minded by their fellow academians on the left (who are running the higher learning show).

While I certainly feel for Moser and his ilk (academia plantation owners are well-known for their lack of mercy), I cannot help being disgusted and infuriated each time I watch ’em bend low to grab. How very unnecessary an exercise it is!

Isn’t it interesting how people who don’t have the guts to post under their own names are quick to accuse others of cowardice? I wonder why that is?

I liked Peter’s post, but the comments are sort of strange. Those Zogby results seem almost too good to be true. But I’ll take them for now.

You can catch my name as it’s revealed in my email address, Mr. Moser. I’ve been posting here for nearly four years. Late last year, some jerk decided to hijack "Marc S. Lamb" because he obviously found debating a bit tough. As it is there is no means to prevent this kind of silliness at No Left Turns, so I opted to simply adopt the alias "Publius Jr., and let my words speak for themselves...

Apparently you, too, are of the mind to play some games rather than respond to my post. You found it pretty easy to diss George Allen as a racist (and strongly insinuating this charge taints the entire GOP), Mr. Moser. Surely you can’t blame me for taking you to task as a weak-kneed, nay phony conservative academic, who’s sadly too typical of your profession.

Oh, now I see. Frankly, I liked you better when you were misspelling your pseudonym as "Pubius." At least then I thought you had a sense of humor.

You found it pretty easy to diss George Allen as a racist (and strongly insinuating this charge taints the entire GOP), Mr. Moser.

Allen at a public rally said to a dark-skinned Democrat, "Welcome to America, macaca." Then he tried to claim that the name that he really wanted to call him was "mohawk." Either he’s a racist or an idiot; either way, if I were a Virginian I wouldn’t want him representing me in the Senate. Sorry, I’m funny like that. By the way, when did I ever "strongly insinuate" that "this charge taints the entire GOP"? If I thought that, would I be supporting DeWine and Blackwell?

Talk about no sense of humor... Allen is neither a racist or and idiot, Mr. Moser. It is simply because of humorless stuffed-shirts like you that Democrats can so easily use race as such a powerful, yet pathetic, political weapons.

Frankly I find Webb’s disingenuous turnabout on slick Willie a far more egregious character flaw than Allen’s attempt to confront a "dark-skinned Democrat" hack who’s stalking his campaign with a video "gotcha" camera. Not to mention Webb’s many guttural tactics I’ve been reading about at Power Line. But what can I say, other than what I did. You’re a featherweight in the political arena, dude. You’ll call for your side to fall to the mat the instant the Washington Post aims their baseless blow.

p.s. Publius not Pubius is quite right. And I am quite adept at hammering Bush and boys myself at times. But I’ll be damned if I’m gonna help Democrats win this ball game at crunch time.

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