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Just about the only good news in this Reuters/Zogby Poll is this finding: "The poll found more than 19 percent of voters are still undecided about their congressional vote."

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Forget the polls, I just wanna know what John Moser thinks of James Webb’s best seller Lost Soldiers.

I mean, here’s Moser making such an issue out of Allen’s "macaca" confrontation and the Foley emails, what’s he got to say about Webb’s disgusting crap, eh? Is it still time (as if we really needed more evidence) for the GOP to let the Democrats run the show? Has the GOP still sunken to such guttural lows they deserve to lose. Ok, stand up, Moser, stand up for your guy Webb! Pull the Webb lever and tell us, now, why he the better man!

What’s really funny about all this, is the real important issues are yet to be debated! Why? Because dolts like John Moser were so offended by "macaca" and perverted emails that those real issues no longer mattered! Well, know we got real guttural bs mudslinging. Happy, John? :roll eyes:

Hey, Marc, in case you didn’t know, Webb’s book was a work of fiction. I wish the stories about Allen and Foley were, too, but they’re not. And you can call me names, and drink any brand of Kool-Aid that they’re serving, but it isn’t going to change those inconvenient facts. I’m sorry if my purely theoretical statement about how I’d vote if I lived in Virginia--which I don’t--bothers you so damn much. Have a nice life.

A better first line to this article:

Voters are strongly adverse to Republican candidates in the Nov. 7 congressional election and harbor growing doubts about the Iraq war and the country’s future, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released Thursday.

I will be voting against the Republicans rather than for the Democrats in November. Most of my friends are doing the same.

Imagine if there was a party that people supported rather than hated the least!

OK Moser, so if Bush had written that crap, you would be defending him on the grounds that it’s "only" fiction?

"Hey, Marc, in case you didn’t know, Webb’s book was a work of fiction."

Here, let me try a different tact:"The man grabbed his young son in his arms, turned him upside down, and put the boy’s penis in his mouth."

Actually the uproar over Webb’s book just shows that we need more Democrats in power to insure those evil Republicans, like George Allen, start massive Nazi-like book burnings on Capital Hill. Seriously, folks, this little father/son moment shows us James Webb’s depth of understanding and his poignant ability to probe in the inner workings of the human soul. This passage is, in fact, a deep and penetrating masterstroke penned by an author who obviously understands the depth of love a father has for his children.

Let’s face it, folks, had a Republican wrote this kind of stuff, or used the word "nigger" even one time in a work of fiction, he’d be hung out to dry. On the contrary, this book will lift James Webb to new heights of admiration amongst the more enlightened, liberal-minded intellectual crowd. Isn’t that The Truth, Mr. Moser?

Publius/Marc - What exactly does that quote prove? This is the tired old conservative confusion between (or, more likely, willful conflation of) that which is depicted or portrayed and that which is condoned or approved. As John Moser pointed out, it was a work of fiction. The quote doesn’t prove, indicate, or show us anything at all.

Publius: have you read any of Webb’s novels? Or are you just spouting off about stuff you read on Drudge?

Here’s a little something I found from the first review of Webb’s Lost Soldiers that might help us clarify the "fiction" business:

"Former Marine Brandon Conley is the protagonist. In a word, Conley reflects what Webb is really like, at least in my humble opinion as one who has met him."

It may be, folks, that "James Webb," himself, is actually a work of fiction. He really doesn’t exist, save on the pages of a "brilliant" novel. How can you then hold something that is only fiction accountable for anything that may happen in real life? You can’t. And that’s why a vote for Webb is a vote for change, a vote for a new direction away from the GOP "culture of corruption" in Washington.

p.s. I’ve heard through the grapevine that Rep. Foley had called Webb’s book a "brilliant" effort, and that Foley found it "deeply moving."

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