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A rare public admission

This, from Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, MI5’s head, is sobering. "She said that, since the 7 July bombings, five further major conspiracies in the UK had been thwarted." Read the whole thing and wonder why this especially secretive person is speaking.

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Of course the threat of Islam should be ignored, appeased, or accepted.

Note, I say Islam and not radical, jihadist Islamo Fascists because it is apparent to me that the vast majority of Muslims either do not know how to counter their radicals or do not want to for whatever reason.

Hey, how many NLT’ers have seen Obsession? This hour-long movie equates Jihadism with Nazism...convincingly. The movie is a bit like a propaganda film, but if even half true, it’ll scare the bejesus out of you. We could easily be on the brink of WWIII...with Nancy Pelosi waving a slip of paper and claiming "Peace in our Time!"

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