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And to think I didn’t believe them....

Well, I can’t say they didn’t warn me. They told me that if Bush was elected to a second term it wouldn’t be long before someone proposed bringing back the draft.

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That’s not Charlie Brown running up to kick that football, it’s Charlie Rangel, and that’s not Lucy yanking the football away from Charlie, that’s Nancy Pelosi!

Hey come on. You guys either criticize us for wanting to cut and run or you criticize us for doing what is necessary to stay the course. Don’t Republicans have any constructive ideas about the war?

Daniel K.:

As I posted here, General Abizaid has constructive ideas about the Iraq campaign and he smacks down Democrats (Clinton) and Republicans (McCain) alike in expressing them. Michael Fumento shows us from the front lines how well those ideas are working. And, contrary to the ruminations of the amateurs and armchair quarterbacks in the demSM and on the internet, Abizaid’s constructive ideas are working.

I haven’t been very good at predictions lately, but I’m going to make another one now anyway:

General Abizaid’s plan, to train and equip Iraqis to deal with the insurgents, which was Rumsfeld’s plan all along, perhaps temporarily raising the number of American troops to train Iraqis faster, will be given a new, catchy, title (they’re calling it "Go Long" now but they’ll have to come up with something better), the Democrats will claim that was their plan, the demSM will praise it, because Democrats thought of it and, naturally, we’ll be seeing much more good news from Iraq from the demSM (never mind the facts that the good was out there all along and that the demSM refused to publish the good news while the Democrats were unable to take credit for the good news), proving that the Democrats’ plan is better and we will remain in Iraq to defend it against Iran and Syria, leaving the well trained and equipped Iraqis to deal with their internal problems themselves. Everyone will praise the Democrats for coming up with such a brilliant plan, having forgotten that the plan was Rumsfeld’s.

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