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Doesn’t Look Good

I’m going to bed. See you in the morning.

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Let’s be Hungarian about it: The situation is hopeless, but not yet bad! To bed.

Is it any wonder that it Doesn’t Look Good? I mean, sheesh, how unprofessional, Hayward. Sleep tight, old buddy.

I think you just faced reality! Now, what will it take to get you to accept the fact that global warming is real?

Steve. what the Devil? You shouldn’t be looking to go to bed, but should be looking for a local bar.

Yeah, what about red meat and red wine and all those other manly comforts?

Let’s see...You said that the Dems would gain 18 in the House. Try 28. I’ll let you digest that, and take a Tums, before moving onto your 52R-48D Senate call. Good morning!

Actually I had my manly food and wine early in the evening: a spicy lemon chicken dish that is my own creation, accompanied by this fine Paso Robles chardonnay. (Memo to self: order a case today.) Tonight I’m going to have buffalo burgers, with beer, before Henry Waxman bans red meat and alcohol.

For the love of God, let’s hear no more spin about scientific polling. Polls can be off, but not by THAT much. What was forcast has essentially time, instead of whistling past the graveyard, let’s hope the GOP sees the writing on the wall and makes adjustments.

dain, I agree with what you are saying and again I think it applies exactly to global warming. At some point in my lifetime I am sure people are going to wake up and be like, wow 98% of the scientists (the ones not hired by the oil and gas industry) really did know what they were talking about. Who knew?

Yes, indeed, Steve - stock up while you can, and gorge away. Does crow qualify as red meat? Thanks for thwacking Ledeen for me, by the way.

Oh, and dain - just for fun, here you are, spouting off as only you (and a few dozen cookie-cutter right-wing bloggers and DJs) can:

"What I will take special delight in is 2006, when we kick your butts again. And 2008 after that. As the song goes ’Lose your money...learn to loss.’ (sic)"

Pretty tough talk!! That was only 13 months ago! What’s also amusing is how, now that your guys (that is, the "we" that was going to kick Dem ass) have lost, you are claiming that they’re not really your guys. If the GOP kicks butt in the same fashion in ’08 as they just did last night, that’ll be a real hoot, won’t it? Try not to choke on that enormous mouthful of crow you’ve got there.

Also note that dain’s macho chest-thumping came in a Peter Schramm blog-post discussing "Democratic malaise (or not)" - guess not.

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