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Everything Old is New Again . . .

. . . even Nancy Pelosi and her purple pants suit. Well, I’m feeling purple and plenty blue after this election.

But here’s something old that might just as easily be new and it about fits the bill right now. Charles Kesler wrote this in 1998 after another disappointing Republican performance in a mid-term election.

Of course, in 1998 we were blissfully ignorant of the looming Jihadist threat and we did not realize (at least not in any concrete way) that the end of the Cold War did not bring with it the end of common enemies who should unite us. I believe the threat we face now is just as ominous as the one we faced in the Soviet Union and ought to be enough to keep the marriage going. But it seems that this alone is not enough to keep some of us satisfied (and, in principle, they’re right) and neither can they keep it going by keeping up appearances . . . Conservatives apparently really do need to "find themselves." I hope there is time for this self-indulgence.

It’s not that I am opposed to all kinds of self-indulgence. I generally think it is a good thing to know who you are, after all. It’s just that this is really, really lousy timing. It should have been done years ago, of course. We’re not a young movement, we conservatives. But since we didn’t spend our youth in sufficient self-reflection, why couldn’t we just stick it out until the kids (i.e., the Democrats) grew up? Still, if it must be done, Kesler’s article (as well as his many other works on this same theme) are the all-important starting point.

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"Blissfully" ignorant?
I should think not. rather "unluckily ignorant"

Conservatives apparently really do need to "find themselves."

What happens if they do and it becomes evident the American public doesn’t want what conservatives have to offer?

My belief is that Americans are essentially, fundamentally selfish. They vote based on an understanding of who will serve their selfish interests the best. That takes the form of direct transfers -- entitlements -- or as was the case in this election cycle: Which party will allow them to close their eyes and ignore the growing storm on the horizon. Americans voted for exactly the party they want. Americans desperately wanted to go back to sleep; to enjoy a peaceful snooze again. The Democrats offered that.

I fear for this country ... I really do. I suspect it will take something rather severe to wake America out of its slumber. But the next 9/11 might do far more damage than knock down two buildings. By then it will be too late.

"Which party will allow them to close their eyes and ignore the growing storm on the horizon."

Are you spouting off about that mythical global warming??? Be prepared to face The Wrath of Hayward!!!

Are you spouting off about that mythical global warming???

Of course not. I’m speaking of Islamic Fundamentalism, which will take the form of overt terrorist action and internal subversion. The Democrats will be splendid enablers of that. The Islamists will exploit every nook and cranny of our victim-oriented political correctness to insert themselves into the power mechanism of this country. If you doubt this, simply look to Minneapolis and the incident with the Muslim taxi driver. The solution to that was simple: yank his taxi license. But the PC impulse was too great, and some "solution" of appeasement and accomodation was worked out. Look for that model occurring over and over again.

And that’s the stuff we can survive for a bit. Look for far more aggressive overt action overseas. The Islamists know that President Bush has no working capital left. As long as they keep their actions overseas, the Democrats won’t have the stomach to take the fight to them. They’ll secure their positions overseas, then come after us.

Global warming? Do you really think I’m that foolish?

Juli, as important as the threat from Islam is, fact is even conservatives/Republicans have hardly begun to deal with it. Islam is not beating it’s enemies through out the world on the battlefield, it is beating it through immigration. Muslims do not integrate, and when given the vote they vote in Islamic law (which of course cancels out the possibility of future votes)!! France will be Francostan in a short 40 or 50 years. America is doing no better (witness Dearborn MI).

Until a fundamental debate about PC, immigration, etc. occurs the slow death will continue. Bush and the Republicans speak of a "religion of Peace". This means they have bought into the PC lie as much as the Democrats.

So, as a I stayed home yesterday due to immigration, and other domestic issues (spending, earmarks, and all sorts of other liberalisms). If the Republicans want to win again, they have to start there...

Christopher, I couldn’t agree more. Are you listening, John Moser?

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