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Karl Rove . . . The Uber Evil Genius?

So posits Will Bunch at the Philadelphia Daily News. Rove meant to lose the election, you see. It’s all part of the Plan. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Thoroughly entertaining . . . if nothing else.

Hat tip: James Taranto.

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Okay, maybe he didn’t WANT to lose, but didn’t you get the impression that somehow he wasn’t trying as hard as usual? I dunno... maybe the dude is just running out of inspiration.

"Thoroughly entertaining...if nothing else."


I liked the part where reporters asked Bush if wanted to keep Cheney on, as if Cheney were some Deputy Asst. Lice & Tick Inspector and not a duly-elected Constitutional Officer.

This explains why the Left hasn’t apologized for accusing Rove of planning to fix the election--he simply fixed it in the other direction! The Facts Must Fit Our Theory! The Grassy Knoll Must Be Fertilized!

I saw a CNN poll recently that said 54% of Americans believe in space aliens and 80% believe the govt. is concealing information about aliens. Therefore, 26% think the govt. is hiding info on aliens they don’t believe exist in the first place.

As I said over there, if anyone in the Executive Branch were that smart, Iraq would be the 51st state and Iran would be petitioning for Commonwealth status.

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