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NRO’s John J. Miller’s calls are here. SA’s Steve Dillard’s calls and endorsements are here. SDP’s Jon Schaff shows that he needs a drink for Peter Schramm’s flask here. Alternatively, he should read Quin Hillyer’s piece over at TAS Online.

On the left, this MyDD blogger thinks the Republicans will probably hold the Senate (and that Ford will lose Tennessee because of racism; does that mean that Blackwell, Swann, and Steele will lose because of racism too?). The folks at Washington Monthly are getting nervous. Robert Kuttner is cautiously optimistic, suggesting that "unless there are levels of theft and fraud that would truly mean the end of American democracy, a Democratic House seems as close to a sure thing as we ever get in American politics three days before an election." And as Steve Hayward noted,
Noam Scheiber is worried about the latest polls, especially this one.

Update: Makos Moulitsas tells us what he expects here; note that he’s still drinking the Lamont Kool-Aid.

Update #2: RCP’s Jay Cost explains why he trusts the Gallup generic ballot poll and why he expects a Democratic pickup of between 11 and 27 House seats. Ruy Teixeira is more hopeful based on the Gallup numbers, but he doesn’t seem to take into account Cost’s observation that pre-’94 and post-’94 generic ballots offer different sorts of predictions.

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