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Pelosi speaks

So, Nancy Pelosi, the would-be Speaker of the U.S. House makes an appearance. She speaks. She calls the GOP leadership a "freak show" and then says that she knows the numbers and there is no question that the numbers "are there for the 15", the only question is how many more, "today it’s 22 to 26"; and then this: "Pelosi cautioned that the number of Democratic House victories could be higher or lower and said her greatest concern is over the integrity of the count -- from the reliability of electronic voting machines to her worries that Republicans will try to manipulate the outcome.

’That is the only variable in this,’ Pelosi said. ’Will we have an honest count?’"

Now you see the set up; it is as explicit as possible. We will win (as everyone has been saying and knowing for all these months), that’s already a given, and if we don’t, ergo the counting was dishonest.

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To Nancy Pelosi, Republicans are freaks and these people are normal. God save us from Nancy Pelosi’s normal people....amen.

That’s funny, because I was just reading my Constitution, and it says:

"The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States..."

Nov. 7 is the appointed day--but today is only the 5th. Yet Nancy says she has already won. Nor do pollsters get to choose--that right is reserved to the People. The "only variable" is us, lady.

This tells me she suspects she is going to lose and is laying the groundwork for the lawsuits. We are all Floridians now.

Contrary to the talking points Pelosi has been making appearances all week.

Now Hastert on the other hand...

The problem with this approach by Pelosi is that even if there might be legitimate problems with the voting machines, which does appear to be a possibility, they will now be immediately perceived in a partisan context - because she’s already set up for war.

Do Democrats actually believe in Democracy anymore? If so, why do they continually trash the American election process with bogus claims of voter fraud and minority vote suppression?

It is one thing to poo-poo elections in Iraq, saying the Iraqis are not sophisticated enough to grasp the concept of Democracy. It is quite another to continually undermine faith in American Democracy by crying foul every time they lose an election.

Apparently, an election is only valid when:
1. There is a Democrat on the ballot
2. That Democrat wins

But please Dems, continue your cycle of trying to lawyer your way out of your numerous defeats, it just ensures a healthy new crop of Conservative voters for the future.

Couple of things here.
1. OMG, Nancy Pelosi made an appearance! Someone plese tell Matt Drudge!

2. Steve, am I to take it that you object to the contesting of close results? That contesting a result is anti-democratic?

I’m bookmarking this topic. If a Republican constests a close election, I’ll be expecting you to write him and heap your scorn upon him.

3. Noel, a little arrogance is considered "fun" around election times. It’s good for morale. BTW, nice to see you guys are reading the constitution again.

Daniel K.,

I read the Constitution continuously. The Actual Constitution, not that Imaginary Friend Constitution you guys keep inventing.

A little arrogance is fine--it’s the Permanent Arrogance that grates.

I know Nancy has her Coronation pant-suit all picked out and everything--but I doubt she’ll need it.

Yeah Daniel, don’t go the Constitution route, we conservatives actually study it. And Noel, it’s not the "Imaginary Friend Constitution", it’s the "Living Constitution" (do constitutions go to Heaven when they die?) As to the Pelosi sightings, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Drudgereport’s stories actually affected her decision to get out there a little more, EVERYONE on the Hill reads it constantly.

If the Constitution goes to heaven when it dies, then it must have a soul. If it has a soul, a fixed something (nature, mind, aura) is implied. If it has aspects that are fixed, then the idea of of the evolving meaning of the Constitution is undermined. Therefore, while the Constitution is either living and goes to heaven when it dies or is a fixed document with specific meaning (Originalism galore!!!), it does not evolve, being fixed.

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