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Pelosi’s First Miscue?

Nancy Pelosi told Brit Hume on Fox News tonight that the war in Iraq is "not a war to be won but a situation to be solved."

Small wonder The Economist this week describes Pelosi as "a combination of a Stepford Wife and Jesse Jackson."

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??? Somehow I think in a short period of time, it will become clear that the inmates now truly run the assylum...

God help our Troops and allies.

Isn’t the Pelosi comment essentially what the American people said yesterday? The only question now is how do we extricate ourselves from the situation while minimizing the harm done to Iraq and the Middle East as a whole? Unfortunately, the war cannot be won completely. The best we can hope for is to leave behind a relatively stable government that is slightly less despotic than the Hussein regime. The place will continue to be a hellhole for the foreseeable future, however.

Actually, Jonah Goldberg has a nice solution. Let the Iraqis vote on whether we stay or go. If they vote for us to say, we demand more help from them. If they say go, we go, the honorable democratic way.

dain, you just said, what yesterday? (I know, I know - I’m dredging up "ancient history"!!) that polls can’t be THAT inaccurate. There are a plethora of polls, some conducted by the Defense Dept. itself, showing that a sizeable majority of Iraqis want the U.S. out. It’s positively touching to see your appreciation for "the honorable democratic way," too.

Nice slam of Pelosi, Steven. Does she have any kids; maybe you can match Limbaugh’s "White House dog" remark and win yourself a Claremont Statesmanship Award!

I think it would be a mistake for conservatives to make too big an issue out of one comment this early. It’ll just look childish to the average, mostly-detached observer.

Besides, deep within the comment she has a point. At this stage, what would be the definition of "victory" for us? It’s not like we’ll ever see a surrender ceremony. So in that sense this is not a "war to be won" (won in the traditional sense), but it is something that needs a solution.

Pound on Pelosi all you want for this one comment, but I promise you it’ll fall on deaf ears. There’ll be juicier things from her to work with later ... just wait.

Yeah, once again I have to ask, how do we define "winning" the war in Iraq? When is the real Mission Accomplished tipping point? All terrorists out? The middle east shrugging its shoulders and saying, "The US, she’s not so bad?" What the hell are we aiming for here?

Mr Gates, a little clarification please?

We’re aiming, as Bush has said, for a democratic Iraqi government that can defend and sustain itself and be our ally in the war on terror.

Thank you Mr. Stanley. Honestly, I’ve never heard it put that succinctly before - and it’s an acceptable and reachable goal.
The debateable point here is whether our presence in the country attracts unrest there - perhaps if we were out, Iraqi’s defense problems would be more managable! However, I don’t think any rational person in any party believes we can just pull out today and not expect disaster. We need a smart, strategic withdrawal.

No surprise here. Why should anyone be surprised with Mizz Pelosi sticking her foot in her mouth.

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