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Podcast with Lawler

I talked with Peter Lawler today about the election, why the Republicans got a thumping, what it will mean for the President’s last two years, as well as for the future of the GOP. He even touched on what the Democrats are likely to do and how their actions will be received. Peter didn’t ignore Iraq in his conversation, nor did he ignore the future of Hillary Clinton. Smart guy, this Lawler.

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Hmm, Bush has lately graded an "F" (shoulda got rid of Rummy in Aug) and the Democarts are just playing games with war, Iraq and foreign policy... Truth be told, listening to Lawler, I get the distinct impression that the American people simply just cut off their nose to spite their face.

Uh, he’s probably right. Smart guy this Lawler. Too bad the same can’t be said the voter or their reps in Washington.

Sigh... Anybody got a spare copy of Ryan’s A Bridge Too Far? I could use a stiff dose of some real abject, bloodly failure right about now.

Manchester’s Goodbye Darkness is another good one. I’ve got that laying around here somewhere... ah, those Raggedy Ass Marines on the Bloody Nose Ridge. What hoot they were, eh?

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