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Porky Murtha

is, as John Fund explains in incriminating detail, among the most ethically challenged members of Congress. If only Speaker Pelosi had anointed him prior to the election! That would have more than neutralized the corruption gap issue.

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Murtha had the power to block ethics reform in a Republican House? The guy has juice!

For years, Murtha was a leading Democrat hawk on defense. Only recently did he reverse course. There’s no way he could have known for sure Democrats would win control of the House this year, of course, but if he contemplated a new role for himself in a possible takeover, becoming a Bush-hater would provide considerable political cover. It’s not hard for a corrupt politician to develop malleable convictions. Bringing up his Abscam past now seems like a vicious attempt to keep a righteous Democrat down. Now I know why it wasn’t clear that Murtha had to votes to win the election to House majority leader.

The real test for Pelosi is to come: Harmon or Hastings to head Intelligence. If the latter, she’s toast.

Irony of ironies, Murtha lost, but not because he’s old crook, but because he’s pro-life!

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