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Seconding Peter’s sentiments

Gratitude is indeed our virtue, and it’s neither simply classical nor simply liberal. Hobbes does indeed endorse it, out of calculation, but that’s not the kind of thanks we have in mind.

So have a happy, humble, and grateful Thanksgiving!

Update: No, I’m not changing my mind about my wishes to you, but I am calling your attention to George Will’s piece on the Thanksgiving tradition and Jon Meacham’s, which tries to make the Thanksgiving tradition a little more anodyne than I’d like it. You might also be interested in this report, noting this poll.

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A few questions:

  • Does gratitude require someone to whom the gratitude is offered? Or can gratitude exist wholly on its own, without an intended object of gratitude?
  • Can gratitude be offered to an inanimate object, or must it necessarily be offered to a personal "other" -- be it another person, or God?

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