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Over at The Corner, Stanley Kurtz scores with this very droll look at how the left might react to an election loss:

For one thing, we might see profanity at liberal web-sites. That may seem unlikely. After all, liberalism is historically characterized by an affinity for reasoned discourse and fair procedure. Yet my fear is that the level of anger consequent on a last-minute Democratic loss could lead at least a few left-leaning bloggers to deploy curse words. That would significantly erode the web’s reputation for civil.

There’s more. Read the whole thing.

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You’re absolutely right. How dare we be angry? What the hell good is peace and a budget surplus anyway. Why shouldn’t our mikes be turned off when we’re addressing the Republican majority? What’s wrong with being forced to meet in the basement?

So what if we’re told that publicly disagreeing with the President is treason? Or that the right to privacy and freedom of speech is a core American value unless a guy says it’s not. Or that we’re supposed to be FOR torture.

Damn, there I go again. I haven’t the right! Shame on me!

Well, it’s good to see someone has kept a sense of humour about this whole thing.

Who give a flying %!& what *%ing Stanley Kurtz has to say about the %#!ing elections?

I once saw a tagline in a newsgroup posting that read,

"Legend has it that Usenet used to be worse than it is now. But how could that be?"

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