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Strickland Agrees with Kerry

Ted Strickland apparently agrees with John Kerry (that is, before Kerry was against what he said at Pasadena City College). Strickland was interviewed yesterday by Tom Roten of News Talk 800 WVHU. He also said this. If Blackwell loses this race it’s not going to be because of anything Strickland did or said to deserve victory. And it won’t be because the Ohio GOP or the national folks have been working hard on Blackwell’s behalf either. I’ve never seen anyone more deserving of support so utterly left to the wolves. I’m not making predictions this year. I’ll stick to my prayers.

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Julie, how and why exactly do you see this as similar to the Kerry remark?

Wise choice on prediction vs. prayer, especially this time.

"Small-town America" and "rural America" are liberal code for dumb country bumpkins who can’t do better in life--because, God, why would anyone else but a poor person without much opportunity or education volunteer to be in the service? That’s why Kerry opposed an all volunteer army in 1971--he thought we’d get one that was unfit--and Strickland echoes many of those sentiments in these remarks. But you know that, FL. But I don’t expect better from a guy who says Ohioans are backwards.

I understand Kerry’s continued suggestions that people in the forces are dumb. I just don’t see Strickland as saying the same thing. I live in small town America, and I know some liberals who do too. I don’t think they believe that small town America is dumb. I don’t care for talking about liberal code words, it starts to make conservatives sound paranoid and appear to be conspiracy hounds. These are qualities I dislike most in the liberals I know. By the way, who said Ohioans are backwards?

Are you unaware that this line of argument from Strickland ("members of Congress" don’t have sons and daughters in Iraq, it’s small-town, rural America hoisting the burden) is part and parcel of the liberal understanding and propaganda about the military for the last 40 years or so? No, you know it. If you don’t like the word "code" then you need only to listen to Strickland’s own words to hear the pity and condescension in his voice as he talks about his poor exploited constituency. It is of a piece with Kerry’s remarks and was in response to them. You also know that Strickland said Ohio does not compete for jobs and industry because it is viewed as backwards in its values. I blogged about that some weeks ago. If you didn’t hear about it then, check the archives.

Julie - Without meaning to do so, I’m sure, you sound as if you think FL is a little backward.

To understand what the Democrat Left thinks of "small town America" one only has to read Thomas Frank’s "What’s the Matter With Kansas?"

. . . Or this lovely assault on Ohio from Patt Morrison soon after Bush won the state in ’04. But Steve, FL is not dumb. He’s just a seminar commenter. I no more believe that he is a conservative than I believe Ted Strickland thinks Ohioan are intelligent. And, while we’re on the subject of Kerry . . . remember his infamous visit to Ohio during the campaign and deer hunting season when he said, "I’m gonna git me a huntin’ license." Yeah, that really connects. Finally, you’ve got to love this!

What do you mean by my being a "seminar commenter?" You also say that you no more believe that I am conservative than you believe that Strickland believes the people of Ohio are intelligent. I’m not quite sure what you mean by that. Your comments both appear to paint me as naive and somehow not up to conservative standards. As Steve suggested you are beginning to sound like the people you criticize. I didn’t realize that conservatives were only conservatives if they agreed with your blog posts.

Julie - OK. Well, I have never been good at navigating in a hall of mirrors.

FL, I don’t think you’re naive. I just don’t believe you are what you say you are.

To get back to the original post, Blackwell is ultimately at fault for his poor campaign performance. His entire campaign was a joke. Only now, after initial mud-slinging (I know its politics, I just question its value with nothing more to it) and over a month of no telvision ads, do we begin to hear what Blackwell stands for and wants to do. Even in the debates (which he should have dominated, but, either way, were given little attention) we got a whole lot nothing. Ken Blackwell is a man of substance, he is smart and an independent thinker that understands politics and the role of government. Too bad nobody had the chance to find out. He should win...but he won’t.

Fred, Blackwell might yet win. The polls look better than they did and polling has been terrible in the last two elections, in favor of the Dems. Republicans vote, seeing the duty in it. While some might not vote for Blackwell, it doesn’t mean their votes will go to Strickland. There’s a chance, though it is slim.

I was at the gym and happened to catch the local news a couple weeks ago when a saw a story about the Strickland v. Blackwell campaign; Strickland was saying that we have to raise taxes (or at least lower tax cuts) to help the economy, Blackwell said we need to cut taxes to bring businesses back to Ohio. The segment ended and the next one began "A sad day in Ohio as Honda decided to open its new plant in Indiana . . ." I laughed out loud. As long as this campaign doesn’t ruin Blackwell there’s nothing to worry about, after Strickland serves a term the prodigal Republicans will come flocking back.

I hope so Kate

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