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Testosterone Studies Show You Might Be Better Off Without It

Men who have high testosterone levels get to have more sex but end up dying earlier. And, from an evolutionary view, the male of our species is the most independent or lonely and criminal of the animals. Studies show he’s quite marginal to family life, while still being stuck with doing most of the protecting.

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Guys seem to be descended from Achilles. What a fate.

"Testosterone Studies Show You Might Be Better Off Without It" Yes . . . I don’t find that I particularly miss it. But you can take the estrogen too.

Well, at least it’s not all bad. Since I don’t take an evolutionary view of the world, I’m not bothered by that side of it anyway.

Maybe that’s why married men live longer than single men! :-)

Brian Howell - Do you mean that you reject the idea of progressive change? If so, on what grounds? Or that you reject modern biology? If so, on what grounds?

From an evolutionary point of view the human animal is nothing but the product of a series of enormous errors. As David Stove in Darwinian Fairytales puts it heroes, honor, and humor, all reveal how stupid we are.

LH - are you assuming that single men have more sex and have more testosterone than married men? Speak for yourself!

Julie, Oh yeah? Look at this article on testosterone in women. What I find most annoying when testosterone is mentioned as a benefit to women is the suggestion that it helps with clarity in thought processes. I want to argue, but really....

However, we may all be taking estrogen at low doses without realizing it, in our drinking water. Studies from Tulane, this
and from Macalester College suggest that estrogen is in the water supply. Environmentalists are already complaining that these endocrine disrupters are causing some species of male fish to produce eggs, and may also be effecting the frog population. Wastewater treatment plants are not able to remove estrogen, nor other pharmaceuticals. These medications are not filtered out, and therefore can reappear in aquatic habitats and even drinking water. This might fix man’s sad state, the most independent or lonely and criminal of the animals....quite marginal to family life countering his testosterone with a chemical feminization of society.

Where’s the guy who wrote this article? I’ll kill him!

The article you linked us to, by one Stephen Omes, is a truly thin piece.
You should be ashamed of reading such trivia. May I suggest a nice issue of People magazine instead? Or maybe your post was intended to stir us up instead.
What it does underscore is the relentless feminization of our society. Beware of testosterone: Lo! it causes prostate cancer. And 85% of violent criminals are (gasp) men. Nothing about the more profound dangers of estrogen in that article: breast and uterus cancers, strokes and thrombophlebitis. Maybe estrogens are what causes logorrhea in the fair sex. Which in turn generates violent male reponses!

TomTom, Ok, I’m ashamed. But the point was to stir you up, and you’re stirred!

Don’t go out and be castrated just yet, Peter--this comes perilously close to being junk science (or perhaps I should say, Junco science). Some of the claims on the Discover site about testosterone are flat-out wrong (there is no convincing link between testosterone levels and the risk of death from prostate cancer, for example), and human behavior, sexual and otherwise, correlates very poorly with testosterone levels in humans. To extrapolate the effects of testosterone implants in birds (who have large seasonal fluctuations in hormone levels, which implants do not replicate) with human longevity is a conclusion, shall we say, which is simply "for the birds" ...

Dr. Bob, Thanks! You stopped me just in time!

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