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The Newest New Polls that everything that was within the famous margin of error remains there. Three things worth noting: Chaffee may still have a chance. And the "generic" congressional poll of that WASH POST has the Republicans now down only six. That is, as they say, a dramatic comeback. Maybe, maybe it’s explained by voters finally thinking about their particular vote for or against their particular congressperson more than teaching Bush a lesson. We’ll see if this translates to R gains in the key particular races.

Finally, here’s an optimistic article that explains that the general movement in the Mason-Dixon senate polls in recent weeks has been in a rather emphatically R direction. A Republican can now find reasons to hope, if everything goes right, that his party will only lose two senate seats. But I’m still not changing my prediction.

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the Republicans now down only six.

Uh uh. As I said in the thread below, today they’ve over sampled Democrats by a mere 6%. Tomorrow they may over sample by 12% and woe unto the Republicans, or they may only over sample by 3% and the Republicans will be winning!!!

I have been wondering about polling, and perhaps someone could tell me: are pollsters prevented from calling people at home who are in the "Do not call" registration? I know political calls are allowed, but are political pollsters allowed to call if you are on that list?

I keep wondering who pollsters get to talk to. I know many people in their twenties who see no reason to keep land-lines and use cell phones, exclusively. Also, most people I know screen their calls anymore and are unlikely to accept calls from just any number, nor to call back anyone not identified or recognized in caller id. Everyone works except for retirees and the chronically unemployed and the rare stay-at-home mom, who doesn’t have time to talk, either. Who has time to talk to a pollster? Do pollsters only get to talk to people who want to talk? Who is that?

Never mind, I find my answer, or part of my answer, below in a previous post

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