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Turkey Day Trappings

Joe asks what’s up on the menu at Schloss Hayward (not casa or chez Hayward, as will become clear momentarily), and indeed I am deep into preparations for a mondo-Turkey Day bash. Turns out I am hosting casts of thousands, as I decided to bring over the orhpaned foreign students from the TFAS Capital Semester Program that I teach through Georgetown University who wouldn’t otherwise have anywhere to to on Thanksgiving. I’m having four Germans (hence Schloss Hayward his holiday), a Lebanese, an Albanian, an Azerbaijani, and an Uzbeki over for turkey, along with a few other friends.

So I’m going to grill--as in barbecue grill, not oven-roast--two brined turkeys. One is being brined as I speak, er, blog in Victoria Taylor’s spicy brining blend, and I’m brining the second in traditional brining blend.

The white wine selection will be Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars 2005 "Karia" chardonnay, since proprietor Warren Winiarski was once a Strauss student (and Machiavelli scholar) who turned from scholarship to winemaking many years ago, and whose stunning upset victory at the 1976 Paris tasting put Napa Valley reds on the world map (and, as a special bonus, infuriated the French. If only they’d known Warren is a Straussian, they’d have arrested him, no doubt).

The red wine will beEtude 2004 Carneros pinot noir. I’m a big fan of Etude winemaker Tony Soter, but more importantly, I dated his very pretty sister a few times back in college. Nowadays she works for The New Yorker, so we have fine arguments while quaffing her brother’s even finer wines.

If I have time I’ll try to snap some photos of the action grilling and get them posted here on Friday.

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Schloss Hayward it is. In Milwaukee, I hear they serve sauerkraut with the turkey, which would be a variation on your brine theme.

We’re very traditional here: dressing, not stuffing, as is appropriate this far south of the Mason-Dixon line; Honey-baked ham (which some describe as crack made from pigs) in addition to the bird; a congealed salad (a jello salad, as it’s known to others); pineapple casserole; a squash casserole; and peas ’n’ onions; and perhaps a few other things. No fancy wines, but some drinkable plonk.

A happy and humble Thanksgiving to you and all the other NLT readers and writers!

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