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Brownback’s Presidential Temptation?

The editors of the NATIONAL REVIEW ask the Kansas senator not to succumb to that temptation. But just as some want Tancredo in the race to highlight the immigration issues, others might look forward to Brownback’s smart and articulate emphasis on the "life" issues. Some might say that the senator lapses into moralistic McCain-ism when it comes to issues such as campaign finance and immigration and is not really conservative at all. Others might respond that, although a Catholic convert, Brownback is the candidate who best mirrors the conservatism of evangelicals. They, studies show, are often relatively indifferent to economic conservatism and getting tough on illegals. (Conservative Catholics, of course, tend to share those opinions.) I would say that the Brownback brand of compassionate conservatism could conceivably go a long way in the Republican primaries, although it would surely be a tough sell in November. I don’t agree with the NR editors that his candidacy, by itself, has the potential to fracture the party.

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Highlighting the "life" and "compassion" issues is the last thing Republicans and conservatives need to be doing in ’08. We need an electable candidate who will accomplish conservative things on the truly major issues -- national security, immigration, and judges. It may be a tall order to find anyone, but Brownback ain’t the guy. He has his head in the clouds and will not impress any serious person as presidential timber.

Brownback ain’t the guy. Huckabee far outshines him for the niche candidacy they fill

True Right: I’m a "serious person", and Brownback impresses me as being presidential timber.
It’s precisely Brownback’s having his "head in the clouds" ......of first principles...... that motivates me to support him if he declares.
And to distinguish: The Repubs had darned well better "highlight the life issues" in ’08 or the fracturing will only deepen. The "de-Foley-ation" of the party needs to be vibrantly clear to the base or it will not only stay home, but bolt to an alternative. I agree with your criticism of the "compassion" issues, mostly because it (along with the War on Terror) seems to have been a cover for borrowing boatloads of money from the Chinese treasury in order to spend it......ineffectively.
I like Huckabee and will follow his candidacy closely. I REALLY admire his life-style make-over and running regimen. As America ages, we need political leaders who "run the run" rather than simply "talk the talk." Is it enough to win the presidency? No. But it beats being able to play the saxophone. :-)

For the record, I don’t just want Tancredo to run to highlight the issue of immigration; I want him to win on it.

Brownback and Huckabee and the pro-immigration Christians are delusional. If we don’t get a handle on immigration now, all their pet issues such as abortion and gay marriage will be unattainable. How do they think all those immigrants are going to vote, for conservative Republicans? These guys really need to get a clue.

BTW, what are the Editors suggesting. They are right that his possition on CFR and immigration are a problem with many conservatives, but how will he divide the base if there is no conservative running? Do they know something we don’t know.

Just heard another rumor. Jeff Sessions. Pro-war unfortunately, but good on immigration.

but how will he divide the base if there is no conservative running?

Perhaps they are getting ready to throw their weight behind some non-conservative such as McCain...

they do and I cancel my subscription

wm, if you haven’t cancelled your subscription to that GOP hack rag, you are behind the times. Try Chronicles and TAC. They don’t worship at the alter of the GOP and therefore can have a little perspective.

If NR backs McCain, then what more proof will anyone need?

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