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Israel and Iran

This is a very sobering article. I’m not saying everything in it is true, and I don’t want to direct your opinion. But are we on the verge of conceding that Iran may become a nuclear power? And is Israel now stuck with taking out that country’s nuclear capability on its own? As well as openly developing a credible second-strike strategy? Suddenly everyone is admitting that Israel has its own nuclear weapons.

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That decision has ALREADY been made, our President is following the Thomas P. Barnett "blueprint." He won’t actually come out and say so of course, but de facto, he’s following Barnett’s idea. That idea is that Iran is riven with deep insecurities, which possession of the bomb will salve. Tehran’s bomb is also viewed not as a conduit to conflagration, but rather as a roadway towards regional responsibility. Whereas we see their bomb as a nightmare, the "blueprinters" see it as something that will inexorably force Tehran to act with regional caution.

Go check out Barnett’s website, it’s difficult not to conclude that he actually looks FORWARD to Tehran getting the bomb.

One of his key errors is that he sees Iran ULTIMATELY getting the bomb. Which is probably accurate, but nobody is suggesting that we embark on FOREVER preventing Iran getting the bomb. What the rational amongst us are proposing is that THIS REGIME be stopped from getting the bomb.

Bush may have criticized the Baker/Hamilton report, but that’s all lip. Look at what he’s done. He’s made many backdoor overtures towards the enemy, and he appointed as DEFENSE Sec a guy very much in the mindset of a Baker and a Hamilton.

It’s per usual for Bush, what he’s doing is clearly different from what he’s saying.

The Jerusalem Post had an editorial a couple weeks back noting precisely that. It warned the readers not to take any false sense of security from the public pronouncements of the President, because his actions are apt to be precisely the opposite.

Bush is but a piece of driftwood right now, being swept this way and that by the various currents moving through the establishment.

If he isn’t going to enact the agenda that he was reelected to implement, if he’s lost his nerve, then he needs to step down. It isn’t about him, it’s about the country.

This nation’s security cannot afford two years of drift, passivity and empty rhetoric from the leader of the free world. I think prestigious Conservatives and well-placed Republicans ought to present him with a petition for his resignation. His appetite for grappling with these issues is gone. Let Cheney get in there.

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