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John Ford the Poet

I continued my conversation with John Marini on Westerns, still focusing on John Ford, with some good analysis of "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," maybe Ford’s best; pride, equality, tyranny, the beginning, the end, it’s all there. Did you know that John Wayne never eats in the movie? "I’m not in the habit of eating steaks off the floor." Marini explains the importance of this, as well as the schoolhouse scene: "Education is the basis of law and order." You are going to like Marini and then you will have to see the movie again. You won’t be able to help yourself. Great stuff. Early next year I will talk with Marini again, perhaps move on to Sam Peckinpah’s movies. My thanks to John Marini.

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John Ford, if I am not mistaken, was a Naval Officer who used his expertise to help the U.S. fight WWII.

Yep, I was not mistaken. Ford was Rear Admiral Ford, USNR and even was part of OSS, forerunner to CIA, I believe.

See any movie makers today doing such things?

Nope, they almost always find something to slam the U.S. about painting the U.S. as wrong or evil while whitewashing others obvious evils.

Then again, what do I know about such things? I mean, when you are just a street cop like I am, granted one with a computer degree, you are relegated to the dunce category by the snobbish ’intelectuals’.

It is good to hear about the reservists that have come before me, I am one too and have received the GWOT medal to boot.

Dale Michaud, Don’t housewives also fall in the dunce category? Probably we fall even lower in the scale. I am only recently elevated from that spot, and even my current part-time job teaching in a community college cannot rank me with intellectuals. You have done something for the country and do something for your community. Most people are grateful, even if they do not say so all the time.

We can still watch movies and think and comment about things, can’t we? Most here on this blog are not snobbish.

Wouldn’t it be nice if movie-makers still did such things as Ford did? We can be grateful that we had him. "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" is a very good movie to think about. I’ll go to the park and listen, next thing. Thank you.

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