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Ross Douthat on Frank Keating

Frank, it turns out, has become a prominent lobbyist, and so probably is not nominee material. But surely, Ross muses, the Republicans should nominate someone like him: A socially conservative Catholic non-convert not from the South. Any ideas?

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Some of those guys just lost elections (and so are available for full-time campaigning): Rick Santorum, Michael Steele....

Here’s my idea--NO. We don’t want more big government. Santorum and Steele as conservative catholics might have been socially conservative but they are extremely big government, even more than the administration. We need a limited government person from the last remaining small government bastion, the west,--McCain.

I think that when Santorum lost reelection, he lost his place on the ticket. I really think that he was going to get tapped, either by McCain or Rudy. Made sense. If Santorum won reelection against the son of a popular, late Governor, then placing him on the ticket placed Pennsylvania at play. Even if the Democrats held Pennsylvania with Santorum on the ticket, they would have had to spend an inordinate amount of time, energy, effort and money doing so. Moreover, McCain or Rudy will need to balance the ticket with a reliable, true Conservative. That’s Santorum.

I also think that’s part of the reason that the Democrats leaned so hard on Casey to run against Santorum. He didn’t want to run for the Senate, and that lack of desire was reflected in his lackluster campaign style. The Democrats were desperate to take down a rising Conservative star, who was young, has an attractive family, and most of all, is articulate.

And as for Allen, all of us dodged a bullet. Because we were able to see the way he completely mishandled his Senate reelection campaign. If he couldn’t handle a very weird Webb, {who demonstrates himself to be more creepy and weird every day...} then he certainly couldn’t handle the stresses of a Presidential campaign. Yea we lost his seat, we lost the Senate. But at least we know for sure not to consider him for the GOP nomination. The way he ran his campaign simply destroyed his political career. Amazing.

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