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This sad story about a man who tragically sacrificed himself in order to try and save his family has been the subject of some interesting and, I think, good fascination out here in California. Dennis Prager talked about it this morning on his radio program, which happened to be on as I was driving my son to a field trip (to the Nixon Library). Prager mentioned that he thought this story was a good illustration for young men about what it means to be a man. I was quite proud of my little guy (now 5) because he perked up at hearing that and started questioning me about the details of the story--and usually he just tunes out the radio as we’re driving.

HREF="">The Nixon Library is, by the way, a great place to visit if you are out this way. It is beautifully decorated for Christmas with trees and ornaments from all over the world. But none of this interested my son as much as the tour of the Presidential helicopter and, of course, the massive model train exhibit. But my favorite is always the replica of the White House’s East Room. You can have all the castles and cathedrals of Europe--they’re nice--but there is just something about the White House that makes a person stand a little taller. And you could see that the room had that effect on the kids too as their boisterousness left them (at least for a few seconds) and they took in the majesty of the place.

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Julie, you’re dead right, there is an incredible stateliness to the White House. It’s classy, elegant, distinctly American.

Nice work in simultaneously plugging Dennis Prager and distancing yourself from him - "which happened to be on as I was driving my son to a field trip (to the Nixon Library)." Ha ha!! Yes, of course, it just happened to be on.

Well, I’m glad that Prager has found something else to talk about other than Rep. Keith Ellison taking his oath of office on a Koran. (Hey, THERE’s a Blue Light Special for ya, dain! Go get it!) Did you know, as Prager has pointed out to his readers, that America is only interested in one book, the Bible, and that allowing Ellison to be sworn in on a Koran is tantamount to allowing someone to be sworn in on "Mein Kampf"?? It’s always so educational to read or listen to Prager.

There’s more than a little synchronicity in these recent posts, as that intellectual beacon, and recent Ashbrook guest of honor [repressing laughter], Glenn Beck politely asked Ellison to "prove to me that you are not working with our enemies."

Of course he followed that up with the (utterly ludicrous) disclaimer of "I’m not accusing you of being an enemy..."

Mr. Scanlon,

I don’t listen to Prager (is he not a libertarian?) but I am concerned about a Muslim in office. There are real differences between orthodox Christians, a modernist/relativist/humanist liberal, and a Muslim. The first two do recognize in their world view the place of "freedom of conscious" and the more general "freedoms of man" (whether "in Christ" for the Christian or "in nature" for the modernist). The Muslim does not recognize this in man, and thus if he is to be true to his religion, then he must work to impose his "peace" (i.e. his religion) on you.

The Christian and the modern can "get along" in most things, where as neither can "get along" with the Muslim. This is a source of concern...

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