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Study Shows the Value of Intact Families and Religious Observance

The Heritage Foundation has released a study that details ten leading indicators of teenage well-being and what is most likely to yield this desirable result: intact families and religious observance. Shocking, I know. But apparently this kind of hard "data" is necessary to the argument these days.

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Don’t talk about that.

You are an extremist for even SUGGESTING that religion or a traditional family structure might provide a better life for children.

What is wrong with you??????

Just joking and doing my moonbat impersonation. Though I do see similar posts to that which are quite serious elsewhere.

A nice and wimpy relative study. I suppose a Muslim suicide family is quite intact and quite religious. The fact of the matter is that intact and religious only work if the right kind of intact and the right kind of religion is practiced. An abusive intact home can well be disasterous, as can a Wiccan religious one. I guess this study does do a good job of supporting our belief in good WASP values, but someone should make the study specific by religion and "intactness" to really prove much.

I like Clint’s point. Is the Heritage foundation suggesting that an intact family of Wiccan alcoholics is preferable to a single christian mom, or a nuclear family of Muslim extremists? I should probably read this thing now.

Studies tend to show average relationships. Since the number of boozy Wiccan families is probably rather small (at least in comparison to Mormon families, Baptist families, Catholic families, etc.), then such negative situations and outcomes will be overwhelmed by the statistical procedures. The study is still valuable -- in general, intact families benefit teenagers, Wiccan converts to Salfi Islam notwithstanding.

To build on what Dain said, the study is titled:

"A Portrait of Family and Religion in America: Key Outcomes for the Common Good,"

Since "Muslim suicide" and "Wiccan alcoholics" families are relatively rare in America (not for long I fear), it DOES support the inherent value of traditional WASPism...

Look i don’t disagree with the "majority" or waspy argument, but I’m saying that for the study to be very important, or have any teeth, it should come out and say it. Using terms like religion and intactness doesn’t cut it for me.

Clint, the study DOES say ’it’, in that it is titled "A Portrait of Family and Religion in America". Not sure how you can be any clearer than that. Since Islam and wica and Hinduism, etc. etc. are not religions in America to any significant degree, what’s your point? Should the study have explicitly excluded Martian deities, since there is a chance there are Martians and thus a chance they have deities?

Whatever. A study by the Heritage Foundation saying that family and religion are beneficial is roughly as trustworthy as a tobacco/cancer link study from R.J. Reynolds.

Danny, even studies by lefties demonstrate the imporverishing power of female-headed families. Others find that religion matters a great don’t have to take Heritage’s word for it.

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