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Take THIS, Trans-Fat Fascists!

While New York City and other trendy enclaves attempt to ban frying in trans-fat, Jonah Goldberg helpfully directs our attention to a Texas eatery that serves--are your ready?--chicken-fried bacon!

Peter: I think we’ve found a reason for an Ashbrook road trip to Texas. (The steaks look pretty good, too.)

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Steve: That was wonderful, and I’m going to Snook, Texas! But I am riding my bike so you’ll have to meet me there. Terrific video. You Americans!

Hell yes! Pass the ketchup.

"Trans-fat Fascists!"

I guess now is as good a time as any to recall dain’s warning that "Marxoids" "throw around that term [fascists] way too much" and that, subsequently, we should "Beware, those words are losing their power." Dain, do you consider Hayward to be a "Marxoid" - that’d surely be news to him - or do you feel this is a proper, prudent application of the term? (OR is it just okay for anyone on the right to use the term willy-nilly?)

You guys should also be aware of a new high-class eatery around Claremont, called Leo’s, where you can get deep-fried sticks of butter and lard, that are wrapped in bacon, sprinkled lightly in lye, and come with a Prestone anti-freeze dipping sauce (so sweet!!). Best of all, you can buy ’em in packs of a baker’s dozen, so gobble ’em up while you can!! Best of all, you’ll be sticking it those Democratic/liberal/terrorist-loving "fascists" with EVERY DELICIOUS BITE!!!
And you’ll be glad to know that smoking isn’t just allowed, it’s MANDATORY!!

At this point, let me advise other NLT’ers against keeping personal trolls as pets. While vaguely flattering (like having an obsessive clerk document your every move, however minor and irrelevant), they can be a bit annoying, particularly when their ’critique’ is facile and sarcastic. So, folks, try not to feed the trolls...they have a nasty habit of hanging around.

Enjoy your road trip! I hope y’all make it back.

Ok, dain, I’ll take that as "it’s okay for anyone on the right to use the term ’fascist’ willy-nilly" and you won’t call them on it. Sorry to make you read the "minor and irrelevant" things you’ve written in the past. [So, when you accused the left of abusing the term "fascist," would you characterize that as just kidding around, since that was one of those "minor and irrelevant" things?]

Calling me a troll though, wow, that’s a potent response.

This helps to explain the reason why Texas is the most obese state in the nation.

Where is the personal responsibility when it comes to living healthy?

Folks, I rest my case.

Hey, Abbie, try laying off the wacky terbacky. There are nine other states that are more obese than Texas. And do they have chicken-fried bacon? I don’t think so.

You rest your case, dain? I didn’t notice that you had actually made one.

I did notice, however, that in addition to breaking your old pledge to not respond to trolls (I won’t stress you out by linking to it yet again), you indicated that you had been keeping me as a "pet." You’re starting to just sound perverse at this point; please leave me out of such daydreams, ok?

On the way to Texas if you go through Lawton Oklahoma you can get fried pickles and bacon grease chilli(I asked why it was so good) as a meal at the Commanche Casino. The Chilli is superb and the fried pickles are pretty interesting.

You don’t need to travel to Oklahoma to get fried pickles. I just had a delicious one last night at the Walnut Lounge in Mansfield, Ohio.

You are right, Texas is not the most obese state, only 25.8% are obese there. That is sad. What is also sad is how poorly some people treat themselves.

I wonder why I had never heard of them before? Since discovering them a couple days ago I have noticed them on the menu other places as well. In defense of healthy food...I must admit that I have also taken a great liking to Sushi. A good Chinese poker player friend of mine owns the local Hong Kong Buffet and the Sushi is first class...also on the line include crab legs, decent steak, a free mongolian buffet, oysters on the half shell and grilled shrimp shiskabob...of course it probably isn’t healthy to eat 4 plates, no matter how much seaweed, salmon and rice is included in the mix.

Deep-fat frying isn’t all that bad if done correctly. As Alton Brown would tell us (of ’Good Eats’ fame), with the proper technique (mostly temperature and timing), the food absorbs very little of the oil.

My personal favorite (and a stock item at various Renaissance Festivals) is the beloved "Scotch egg." Also known as "the egg of death." Man, with brown mustard and a tankard of sweet ale, you are in business (at least until the heart disease catches up with you).

Here is a site devoted the Scotch eggs, which I HAD to look up. There is even a vegetarian type, but I liked this best: "made with eggs from free to roam happy chickens and pigs." Well. The prepackaged sort featured on Wikipedia looks ghastly.

Deep-fat frying CAN be done properly, but is rarely so done and it very hard to do properly at home because you can’t get the grease hot enough on your stove-top. There are deep fat fryers on the market for home use for those of you devoted to the concept. For one of their parties, my sons had me invent a batter for deep-fat frying various Hostess treats - Ho-hos and Twinkies - things of that sort. They did this outside on a burner with a pot and they only had one grease fire. The kids raved about the experiment, but ate every bit so I cannot testify to the goodness of the sweet/greasy treats, except by the second-hand account.

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