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Acting Hillary

Rich Lowry considers Hillary the calculator and her attempt to seem natural and how she will react when there is no script, for that time will come.

"Welcome to the Hillary Clinton campaign, which will be the most blatantly calculated presidential campaign in memory. Almost all political campaigns involve falsity and playacting, but it is Hillary’s lot in life not to be able to fake it well, so the scriptwriting and the consultants’ work show through. She seems to take the advice to ’act naturally’ literally, and the acting is always more in evidence than the naturalness.

Thus, the great battle is joined between the ruthless, highly effective inauthenticity of Hillary Clinton and the vapid, feel-good authenticity of Barack Obama."

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Richardson-Obama for Dems in 08!
Giuliani-McCain for GOP in 08!

Sadly, I don’t think Richardson and Giuliani can make if through their party primaries. :(

Anyways, I still think Giuliani is the best chance the GOP has for a win in the general election, no matter who the Dems field.

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