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American fascists?

Is this what Chris Hedges means? Is this kind of outreach to broken and needy people the prelude to theocracy?

Update: Are the kids described in this article brownshirts-in-training?

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They’re probably building sidewalks for them.

"I hate evangelical Christians," read the profile of his roommate-to-be

Yeah. Ask Hedges about this guy. What do you think, 17 or 18 years old, and he’s already on Facebook/internet telling the world whom he hates.

I don’t think it’s the evangelicals who are the totalitarians here, do you Mr Hedges? Or, are you just like the teenager with the explicit hatreds? That would be my guess.

Mr. Ledeen: "I wonder if all those people who hammered Bush and Santorum for talking about Islamic fascism will similarly excoriate Hedges for unfairly branding an entire religion (that would be Christianity in this case) with a scarlet "f"."

Hedges is the fascist.

For an excellent analysis of the fascist left’s attack on Christianity, see Rabbi Daniel Lapin at

Anyone who says we’re fascists should be locked up.

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