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Bob Casey, Jr. may step up

A few days ago, I noted that Bob Casey, Jr. had an opportunity to make a name for himself on stem cell research. According to this story (hat tip: The Corner), he may be about to do so. Good for him!

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The real test will be when the Dems take him to the backroom to either strong-arm him or tell him a quid pro quo is in the works if he goes along.

Still, I suppose its more encouraging than an immediate cave-in or a Specter clone.

What a Casey Jr. vote against the bill would do is offer Democrats a shrug-the-shoulders "what could we do?" way out of the corner they’ve painted themselves into on this. Stem-cells as a rhetorical issue to beat up "anti-science" "theocratic" Republicans is fine, but I suspect there a lot of Dems who are quietly queasy about what are bascially corporate welfare bills, and ones that smack of brave new world. I doubt they really want to fight for them that hard. We’ll see.

The Rats may not like corporate welfare, but they hate Republicans and the so-called "religious right." They also believe fervently in the "brave new world." You are being very naive. So is anyone who thinks Casey is in any serious way a social conservative. Folks, there’s "no there there."

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