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Election 2007

The Baseball Hall of Fame class of 2007 will be announced tomorrow (Tuesday). The universal expectation is that Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn will be elected easily. A successful candidate must receive 75 percent of the ballots cast by eligible members of the Baseball Writers Association of America. A few curmudgeons will leave them off the ballot. Neither Ty Cobb nor Babe Ruth was a unanimous selection – Tom Seaver, actually, was the closest. Go figure. I suppose only George Washington deserves the honor. No one expects that Mark McGwire will come close in the first test of the suspected steroid generation. If comments warrant I will make them or, more likely, I will pass on the thoughts of wiser souls. For the moment I’m in Thomas Boswell’s camp. Wait and see.

By the way, good luck to you Ohio State fans tonight.

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When do they hold nominations for Baseball’s crooked hall of fame?

Central Ohio has entered its peak psychotic state. Eventually there will be time to think about the Hall of Fame, or perhaps even the future of the Republic. But first things first.

A strange silence tonight on the football front. My condolences...

geesh - what a disaster. We’ll never know if Ginn’s injury made a huge difference, since there were only about a half dozen downs when Smith had time to throw. I hate the SEC...

Face it, the Big Ten/Little Nine was not strong this year, and the SEC was. Elsewise why would Troy Smith have spent all evening on his backside? The SEC won, what? six bowl games this year?

The Buckeye National flag is at half-staff today, it seems. The paper says that Troy Smith may fall out of the NFL’s first round. If true, this will cost him money, but may be good for his career in the long run. Let other QBs be relied on prematurely and knocked around unmercifully.

The only local consolation is the upcoming OSU-Wisconsin basketball game this evening, which should be a show.

I gotta say that I guess I’m from the Old School. Bowl games qua bowl games just don’t do much for me, even if it’s for the mythical "national championship." Going to the Rose Bowl once every three or four years to represent the Western Conference.... er... Big 10/11...was always a great honor, to match up against the best team the West Coast had to offer.

And to get to the Rose Bowl meant you had to beat Michigan and likely all the other conference opponents. What the modern "bowls" have become is an abomination. After the Michigan game, there is always a palpable sense of a letdown, even this year. Last night’s game was so awful, I turned it off at halftime. Maybe we need to figure out which group of aliens made off with our football team.

When the smoke clears we will learn how Ginn injured himself in the course of celebrating his touchdown. A truly shameful episode in the history of college sports.

oh come on - they’re kids! They are exuberant! Why is that shameful?

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