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This shouldn’t surprise anyone who pays attention: in terms of overt political behavior, African-American churches are the most active, and, obviously, Democrats profit the most from it.

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Black churches get a pass because they represent a "protected class" and support the right people. We don’t live under a regime of law anymore, and the unequal treatment of different churches supporting different parties is a good example off that.

Most white (and conservative black) evangelicals, and most white (and conservative black) evangelical pastors, are complete milquetoasts when it comes to politics -- however you define politics. One of these days, when their churches are being censored, prosecuted and perhaps even bulldozed, they may (or may not) realize that they should have been active while it was still possible.

Churches cannot be political because they fear losing their tax exempt status. An example of the dollar (protecting tax benefits) beating religious ideas. No one seems to notice this, or care; rather they just say 501(c)(3) is unfair.

It’s not true that churches have to stay completely out of politics. There is quite a lot they can do. In addition, ministers are perfectly free to endorse as individuals. The problem is cowardice in the face of bullying from the left. Given that men are dying in Iraq, and that the Founders pledged "our lives, fortunes and sacred honor," the least our religious "leaders" can do is risk a nuisance lawsuit, or the loss of a few liberal members, now and then.

in terms of overt political behavior, African-American churches are the most active.

When Falwell and Robertson hear about this, they’ll be FURIOUS.

Daniel K:

It is my understanding that Robertson does not run a church, but rather a broadcasting/tv show. There is a difference, right? There is a big difference in tax law.

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