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For Ann Gregory

I gave a talk on the election last night, just before the president’s speech. I think I had more fun than he did. I note--for now in passing--that although the majority of the folks listening to my talk were Republicans, almost all were sceptical and even critical of the Bush, especially of his Iraq policy. Yet, virtually all of them honor his steadfastness. I would say that at least their hope and prayer is with the president. That almost no one takes the Democrats seriously (yet) goes almost without saying. Just because Bush has lost some trust doesn’t mean therefore that his political opponents have gained much of it. It does seem to me that the carping by some Democrats, even those who a few months ago were asking for more troops, will not be to their advantage over this electoral period unless they begin to make positive arguments, as if they really are trying to govern. But, even if they can begin to sound and act more statesmanlike, attempting to govern from the legislature is a hard row to hoe, just ask Henry Clay or Newt Gingrich.

So, to make the morning more congenial I re-read Yeats’ For Ann Gregory. I hope you like it.

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