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Horse heart

Jane Smiley reflects on the death of Barbaro and the architecture of horses and their hearts. I also love horses and agree with the old Mexican in Cormac McCarthy’s best novel--when he reflects on whether it is possible to have a world without any horses--that God would not allow such a thing.

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The outside of a horse is good for the inside of man.... There has to be horses in Heaven....

This was indeed a sadness. I’m sure there were no alternatives; not everything turns out like a Kurt Russell movie.

I’ve been planning on doing some horse breeding, and decided that to get the most bulletproof, robust animal, I would start with the adoption of a couple of wild Mustang mares from the BLM, cross them with an Akhal Teke or thoroughbred stallion, and then cross their female offspring with a mammoth Jack donkey, to yield a mule that would be 1/2 donkey, 1/4 Mustang and 1/4 Akhal Teke.

Unfortunately, that would be the end of the line, but the mare offspring that would be 1/2 Mustang and 1/2 Akhal Teke could continue to breed Mule offsping.

Combine that with pasture-raising and free-choice grazing your horses and you would get some very hardy equines.

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