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Today’s Atlanta paper has a rather prominent package of articles on the book I noted here. We also learn about this LAT review, where the reviewer criticizes Hedges for, in essence, calling for an abridgement of First Amendment freedoms of religion and speech to deal with those he describes as incipient fascists. The better response, the reviewer argues, is political. He’s right, of course.

What Hedges can’t concede, and sell any books, is how marginal genuine theocrats are among conservative Christians. He can make his case only by willfully misunderstanding the language of dominion.

Another point, and I’m done. Hedges taxes conservative Christians with reaching out to broken people and manipulating them. First of all, would he not have them reach out to broken people (which, according to at least one version of the Christian tradition is everyone)? And isn’t it arguably authentically Christian to tell those broken people that their redemption ultimately can’t be found in this world? Even if we take his understanding of brokenness (mostly economic and psychological, all apparently explicable in material terms), would he not have churches reach out to them, offering a variety of different kinds of support (not only spiritual, but also material)? If churches didn’t mix the spiritual with the material, they’d be no different from the secular welfare and therapeutic bureaucracies, and hence ultimately dispensable. But perhaps that’s what someone who thinks the First Amendment can be readily jettisoned in the face of a very speculative threat wants.

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I’ll reiterate this up here, if you don’t mind, since I was late on applying it to the other thread: Haven’t read Hedges and doubt I will after reading some of his crazy speeches, but I really think the Christian Right is only the Left’s stand-in bogeyman. I mean who else gets worked up over Pat Robertson? What they’re really after is religion itself. One secular Leftie I know, when he isn’t using other more common slurs, refers to Bush as "superstition’s poster boy."

The culture war is deadly serious. One of its major fronts is an increasingly open war against genuine Christianity. Christians are not fighters-back by nature. As Rabbi Daniel Lapin says in this context (see, they need to be. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

There damned well is a fascist threat in America. And it comes from the left.

Actually, this excellent piece by Lapin isn’t at Worldnetdaily. It’s at

More and more we are reading accusations of facism and/or National Socialism from those who have absolutely no knowledge of what led to the rise of National Socialism and its crime of Genocide.
I’m now reading, both left of center writers, the historic "Five Germanys I Have Known" by the eminent historian Fritz Stern and the great fictional treatment of Facism "The Aerodrome" by Rex Warner.
Would that all the lefty accusers had taken time to learn history.
Mike Daley

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