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No surge of support for a surge

In the Senate, according to Robert Novak. Certainly Barack Obama is opposed, as is every other Democrat (with the exception of Joe Lieberman). This WaPo article casts a wider net and catches the same sentiment.

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I think we are about to witness an extraordinary debate over what to do next. Perhaps I am naive and out of touch, but I think it is possible that the president will wind up with greater bipartisan support than he has had in many months for the modification in policy he apparently has in mind, including a "surge." Republicans are split and Democrats will realize that they dare not take responsibility for the collapse of Iraq into even more open civil war. But for starters, Mr. Bush will need an effective wordsmith to produce the most important speech of his presidency.

I think I agree with Steve: Nobody knows what to do. So if the president is reasonably eloquent and confident, he might well draw Democratic support. I think he really, truly needs that support if he goes the long-term surge route.

It would be wonderful if the inevitable Dem opposition could produce something other than retreat. But it would require a big change in their behavior thus far, not to mention ignoring their base.

I admit I’m being optimistic. There is, to be sure, a wacky component of the Democratic "base," and it is loud. But it is not in the saddle. May exercising responsibility clear some heads! The moment calls for some courage and some statesmanship. The president can help by toning down his own rhetoric about Democrats. The country must not fail to stabilize Iraq, protect populations that we betrayed before, and continue after the truly bad guys.

Steve, that the wacky component is not in the saddle remains to be seen. The wacky component compelled Lieberman to run as an indy, and kept the rest of the Senate Democrats from supporting him.

We’ll see. The "surge" is a very high risk strategy without Democratic support, and the Ds really have no alternative. The statesmanlike thing would be the D willingness to share the blame if the surge fizzles...

Ed - Lieberman had other problems in CT. It wasn’t all about his support of the Iraq policy.

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