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Obama watch, part 15

This WaPo article offers a nice summary of Obama’s relationship with African-American voters.

Update: For interesting commentary, follow the thread Jonah Goldberg started at The Corner.

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For a much more interesting perspective on Obama, see
Rather than pointless speculation about how far he will electrify gullible voters, we should know about his "spiritual home" -- a radical, reverse-racist church in Chicago.

You can cut your continual Hussein Obama updates, because he’s not going to get the nomination, nor is he going to find a place on the ticket. He’ll gradually become another anonymous Democrat backbencher in the Senate. So forget about him.

She’ll probably go for Bill Richardson, and make a move for dominating Hispanic American voters. Hussein Obama has nothing to offer, because the Democrats already have the Black American vote sealed up. If the Black community occasionally proved unruly, then she would look for a Black politician to make sure she gained that portion of the electorate. But when she knows she has the Black vote regardless of what she does, or who she selects, then there isn’t any reason for her to reach out to the Black American voter.

So forget Obama, and return to blogging about some serious subjects, such as the war, the islamification of Europe, continued muslim immigration to this country, Tehran’s Manhattan project, the complete absence of any genuine moderation within islam, and the likelihood of any Republican actually winning in ’08. But forget Obama, he’s not worth the trouble of blogging about, as you can tell by the dearth of comments on any post about Obama.

I agree very strongly with the third paragraph of Dan’s post. Compared with the issues Dan cites, and with several other issues, Obama is simply a lightweight topic. There is really very little that can be said about him at this point. While I think it’s overly optimistic to say he definitely won’t be nominated and has no chance to be president, it’s not a serious topic for this blog site, which is one of the better ones we have on the right. The Obama overload on NLT will not bring more readers, or at least will not bring more intelligent readers. It may well discourage some.

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