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Shrinking to Fit In

Our best journalist on the human nature/biotechnolgy beat, William Saletan, moves from the horribly misugided--if quite understandable--decision of Ashley’s parents to some more general reflections on our emerging power to get smaller for almost any reason we choose. And the future may be with the small: They eat less, live longer, and are altogether less of a burden on others. The "naturally tall" may have higher IQs, some studies show, but maybe they can keep that advantage when they’re shrunk or redesigned to be short. To feel tall but be relatively small might be the real recipe for success, especially for women, in the years to come.

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Smaller vertically, maybe, but what about horizontally? Where does the obesity epidemic fit in here?

Obesity (which, like smoking, I’m not endorsing) is more unfashionable than ever. Rich and well educated people are thinner than ever, the poor and unenlightened fatter than ever. Again, this is a sociological observation on which I’m not imposing a value judgment.

David Brooks claimed on Chris Matthews’ show tonight that Al Gore was now too fat to be a contender for the presidency. The other panelists tended to agree. There were several Slim Fast jokes.

Re Comment 3: How terribly p.c. of you, Peter. You offer an observation without "imposing" (a power word!) a value judgment. Well, what’s wrong with making (offering?) a value judgment? Just do it, and the devil take the hindmost.

Oops-meant Comment 2.

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