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A weird story in The Washington Times that the Norks’ Kim Jong Il (or "Kim Jong the Second," if you are Jesse Helms) might be under house arrest. Hmmm. Probably nothing. Especially coming from a Moonie newspaper. Then again. . .

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Regime change in North Korea? Why, this would be horrible... chaos will ensue, there’ll be IEDs on every street corner, there might even be a - gasp - civil war! Certainly the world can ill afford another Iraq!

p.s. Can we expect Jimuh Carter and Mad Dame Albrecht to plea on behalf of their close friend and dictator for his safe return to power, for the good of all Koreans?

House arrest? In which house? Surely the little tyrant owns more than one house.

Jesse Helms understood the world pretty damn well. He was a truly great U.S. Senator, and unlike the vast majority of the senators on our side, he made a real difference.

Not only can you not find out if it is true or not, you can’t even know if it is good news or not! Could there be any decent person left in any capacity of power in NK who would be good news in the case of a coup? That’s a weird story about a weird place.

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