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The Declaration and the Embryo

Here’s Yuval Levin’s latest and most eloquent defense of the president’s stem cell policy.

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Levin’s an (increasingly) important voice; thanks for the link.

’But that does not mean the stem cell debate is about when human life begins. It is a simple and uncontroversial biological fact that a human life begins when an embryo is created. That embryo is human, and it is alive; its human life will last until its death, whether that comes days after conception or many decades later surrounded by children and grandchildren.’

And people on this site attempted to dilute my very same argument on when human life begins by claiming I based my assertions on religion only or claimed that my statements were to be looked askew on due to possible religious assumptions.

Science is clear, human life begins at conception.

The debate is and always has been on whether we deem that new human life the right to live or not.

Roe v. Wade emphatically stated no, we do not.

Proponents of embryonic stem cell research emphatically state no, we do not.

Yet, the science is clear, we all begin with conception and it is good that some religions agree with basic human embryology.

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