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Tom DeLay explains it all

To Will Hinton. And others, who seem not to have blogged about it yet.

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You ever see a chicken run around after it’s head has been cut off?

Won’t someone on the Right please tell Deley he’s finished and he can stop running around? But I suppose he’s still able to take some money from the rubes.

One hears that his roach-spraying service is still, more or less, effective. Back to basics, Tom.

DeLay was one of the Republican party’s most effective leaders, indeed, one of its few effective leaders in recent years. To insult him for his prior background in a perfectly legitimate business is puerile, the kind of thing the liberal elite specializes in. We don’t need that nonsense on NLT.

And I suspect ol’ Tom will have the last laugh. Finished? Naw, just like the South, he will rise again.

I wasn’t trying to insult him. It’s a legitimate business and he must have been good at it to make a living at it. He was also good at supporting redistricting in Texas, which I thought turned out rather well.

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