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Because this time they’re really, really, really, really, really, really quite sure of the evidence!! And it’s guaranteed. If they turn out to be wrong on this one, every American will get a $150 tax-break check (those with incomes over $250K will get checks for $275)!

Jim, being a true democrat, not a supporter of a regime that needs "de-Nazification" acc. to George Sorors, rightly requires that an Israeli city be nuked by a missle photographed being launched from Iran, or that another 300 American troops be killed by this EFP thing, before he’ll concede the plain facts about Iran.

What kind of person, Carl, would remember the bush Administration’s performance leading up to Iraq and NOT question the veracity of these people? Especially when they insist on remaining anonymous?

Even Bush reminded us that we would be stupid to get fooled again, when he said:

"Fool me shame, twice on you, but shame me once, and fool me, um, shame."

Jim and Fung,

So is there anything short of Ayatollah Khamenei leading a tank column across the border than would persuade you that the Iranians are providing assistance--material and personal--to our adversaries in Iraq?



For instance, Jim Webb has apparently said that he agrees with the evidence. If a number of people who represent America’s interests, and not just a war/profit motive agree, then I’ll be much more open.

As Webb then suggests, such evidence is not automatically an argument to attack Iran, just as it was not when we fought against Soviet- and Chinese-armed opponents in other wars.

Bush and his people have lost all credibility with me, but if someone I trust supports the evidence, then I tend to believe it.

I am also not closed to the idea of attacking Iran, but I need more than Bush to convince me.


I agree that there’s at least one step to be taken before making any military moves based on this evidence.

I of course don’t accept your characterization of the credibility of the Bush Administration, nor of its motives.

Anyone who doubts Iran’s involving in Iraq is an idiot...sorry, Fung. Iran has been waging a "secret" war on the United States since 1979 (and that’s according to Bob Baer, an ex-CIA man AND one of the only people who predicted that Saddam no longer had WMD) -- catch his special "Suicide Bombers: Cult of Death" the next time Discovery broadcasts it. I discounted him before the war, but never again...he knows his Middle East. The Iranian regime has used hatred of the U.S. as its glue for a couple of decades now. Does anyone really think that they could resist involving in Iraqi affairs at this juncture? It the major reason we’ve lost the occupation.

If Baer is to be considered reliable and valid, I would suggest that such reliability is due to his tendency to doubt first, before he "automatically" concludes that Iran’s government is involved. That is my point: Not that Iran is beyond question. I have had no love at all for Iran since the Islamic Revolution, but I refuse to allow my emotions to be used against me by my own government, as was attempted after 9/11.

Seeing as Iran has elections, let us hope that people just itching to wage war with Iran, Iraq, and Syria at the same time have the sense enough to see if the ballot can change things there before our bullets do. The election in Iran last year hurt Ahmadinejad’s power somewhat; perhaps the next election will remove him from power.

I don’t think that there’s anyone "itching" to wage war with Iran, as there has for quite some time been some evidence of its complicity in Iraq’s unpleasantness.

And I’m surely not alone in thinking that one of the risks in attacking across the border is that it could make it difficult for potential friends of our’s to assert themselves, if, as some contend, there’s a substantial body of anti-mullah (and pro-western) opinion in Iran. But the actions of our enemies shouldn’t be consequence-free.


"But the actions of our enemies shouldn’t be consequence-free."

That is precisely the problem in this world: only the USA under President Bush can be held accountable. No one else anywhere can. How many millions of human beings are put to torture, death, starvation or disease is not important to the tinfoil hatted Leftist loons or the socialists or communists or anarchists or others who hate America, despise Israel and support Islamism. War on! War on gangs...No. War on conservatives and religion...YES!!!! My head may roll down the street someday, but at least there will lots of their heads before, beside and behind mine.

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