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Declaration of Independence . . . what a bargain!

A man in Tennessee purchased an original copy of the Declaration of Independence for $2.48 at a local thrift store. Not knowing much about American history prior to his great find, he’s spent the last year devouring information about the Declaration. Although it’s worth about $250,000, he now has mixed feelings about selling it. Nice story.

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If it had been the bill of rights, it would almost be down to $2.48 by now.

Especially the 2nd, 10th, 1st (Free Exercise), and 5th (with all of its addendums).

That’s what you meant, right?

Or, if the Bill of Rights was a liberal version, it would bear no resemblence to the original whatsoever. It might even have shifting ink that plays tricks on the eyes and makes you see things that aren’t even actually there!

If it had been the bill of rights, it would almost be down to $2.48 by now.

Dood! Score! (bubble-bubble-bubble-that’s the sound of the bong being passed around, you flea-infested hippy)


That was hilarious, thanks for the laugh.

Oh man! Don’t I even get credit for knowing the difference between the constitution and the bill of rights? And yes Antonin, those. And I’d add the 4th, but I’m afraid they’ll intercept the message.

Tony, I’m using as a reference. Is it the liberal version?

If you’re communicating it to a known foreign terrorist (which I’m not), you should be afraid. Otherwise, your Patriot-Act-phobia is ill-informed and misplaced. Regardless of what Al Franken tells you.

I think comments 7-12 were coded messages to terrorists.

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