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Giuliani Takes the Lead

...over McCain among Republicans, according to the latest poll. That’s because he’s perceived as more likable, more eloquent, more likely to unite the country, better in a crisis, and a more competent manager.

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Giuliani Takes the Lead

God help us all!

He’s leading all Democrats too. Best chance the GOP has to win.

A Giuliani administration would probably prove far more conservative than either Bush administration. Both father and son, in retrospect, in hindsight, which is 20/20, were and are determined to drive a stake through the heart of Reagan Conservatism. Both men, especially in the men they surrounded themselves with, such as Baker, Scowcroft, Sununu, Darman, Card, et al, were determined to exhume from the grave Rockefeller Republicanism. And they succeeded. And by doing so, they consigned the GOP to minority status. It’s no mystery that the Rockefeller Republicans who couldn’t win a majority status in 40 years, and only won the Presidency by nominating Ike and after the clear failure of LBJ, turning to a "law and order" candidate, Richard Nixon, have immediately restored Republicans to second class citizenship status in Washington, D.C. They’re losers. And what’s more, THEY PRIVATELY YEARN TO BE LOSERS.

They’re deeply uncomfortable with majority status, with chairmanships, with the ability to define debates and punish political foes. Only the Bush family would find anything worth the while in the exhumation of a politically/culturally failed political message.

What I do not understand is that some conservatives in 2000 thought Bush II was like them. That was crazy, and they were foolish. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Why wouldn’t Bush be like his dad? Nothing indicated that he was a deep and independent thinker.

I thought all along that Bush II would be like Bush I. But for 9/11 he would have been gone in 2004, just like his dad. Even with 9/11 he still might have been gone except the Democrats nominated a wacko.

"Yaaay. He’s leading all Democrats too. Best chance the GOP has to win."

If Rudy wins the Democrats do win. Rudy is a hawkish Democrat with an R behind his name.

"A Giuliani administration would probably prove far more conservative than either Bush administration."

That wouldn’t be hard.

How about if Rudy took Romney for VP? Would that calm some of you down? I would vote for anyone who I thought would continue fighting the War on Terror in a serious and capable manner. Giuliani is the only candidate running who I think will both fight the war seriously *AND* actually win the election in order to do so. You guys sound like abolitionists before the Civil War - "No to Giuliani, no compact with Liberlas!" Let’s be realistic.

Some of us hoped that Texas would have rubbed off on ’W’, but we were wrong. Didn’t have any real alternative in 2000 anyway.

I’m not sparing Texas either in the blame.

Texas has had two men become President. AND BOTH were disasters.

I will never again consider anyone from Texas for the Presidency.

I’ve written all Texan politicians off forever. And I suggest that all of you do the same.

And remember too that BOTH Texas Senators, Cornyn and Hutchinson went to the mattresses for that utter incompetent Harriet Meirs. Just think about that one for a moment, just think about that for a little bit.

Maybe there is something in the water down there, in The Lone Star State.

Well, boys, don’t worry about the Hispanic population swells, no conservative/Republican will ever be able to rely on Texas again. In no time, it will be the write-off that California has become.

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