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Learning and a Long Life

This study makes what seems to be a sensible claim: keeping the mind engaged in learning promotes a long life and one that more readily keeps dementia at bay. I can’t speak at all to the science of it, but because it makes sense I’ll buy it. But I do wonder how they adjust for the counter-claim that a sedentary life is unhealthy. I’m just guessing, but I’d venture to say that the more a person engages the mind the less they tend to engage the body.

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The problem is solved by those who read on the treadmill. It goes without saying that I don’t really like those people.

Julie, as you get older, the wise, the mindful person finds a way to engage the body. An active mind in an aged body incapable of action is in a very sad state.

Peter, I hate treadmills, too. I listen to my IPod: music or podcast lectures. When I read, I get too engrossed, forget about my feet and go flying, which is not healthy. Someday, the snow will melt here and I can go walk in my park again. Two miles on a treadmill is tedium, but four or five miles in a park is a positive pleasure.

Kate, I will gladly exempt people like you who live in cold states (why are you doing that?) and use the treadmill only because you can’t go outside. For myself, I’m waiting for the studies that show the health dangers of going down the treadmile road to nowhere.

SOMEBODY has to live in Ohio.

Ohio is like the little girl with the little curl, "When (it) was good, (it) was very, very good, but when (it) was bad, (it) was horrid."

We had 90+ degrees here today and it was clear and lovely. One of the rare days--and I mean this seriously--that I’m happier living in California than in Ohio. Weather is not everything . . . but it’s something when it’s something.

It all goes back to one thing: use it or lose it!

When you engage your mind in an activity, you're using it ...

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